Mid-Century Modern Lighting


What makes mid-century modern lighting so popular?

Adored by discerning homeowners and seasoned interior designers alike, mid-century modern lighting is the ideal way to put a functional spin on your unique style. This time-honored design movement offers simple, straightforward styles that are equal parts retro and modern. Mid-century modern lamps and lighting fixtures add a clean and carefully-curated touch to your modern home.

What types of mid-century modern lighting are available at 2Modern?

  • Use mid-century modern floor lamps to reimagine the function and style of your room. With a hint of Scandinavian charm, your floor lamp will add the perfect amount of elevated refinement to a living room, sitting area, or office.
  • Incorporate an array of mid-century modern table lamps throughout your home for a well-appointed touch. From your nightstands to your end tables, your entire home will shine with retro luminosity.
  • A mid-century modern chandelier adds texture, depth, and interest to any room. With artistic shapes and eye-catching designs, your foyer, dining room, or formal living room will take on a whole new level of sophistication.
  • Mid-century modern pendants make a statement above your kitchen island and add a glowing, conversational element to any area. With a whisper of Scandinavian inspiration, t