Outdoor Ceiling Lights

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Swell Single Pendant
Pablo Swell Single Pendant from $249.00
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Fora Pendant
Bover Fora Pendant $2,016.00
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Cala Outdoor Suspension Lamp
Marset Cala Outdoor Suspension Lamp $984.00
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Santorini 1 Light Outdoor Lamp
Marset Santorini 1 Light Outdoor Lamp from $462.00
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Gregg Outdoor Suspension Light
Foscarini Gregg Outdoor Suspension Light from $450.00
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Swell String 3 Mixed
Pablo Swell String 3 Mixed from $747.00
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Steampunk LED Pendant
WAC Lighting Steampunk LED Pendant $249.00
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Suspense LED Pendant
Modern Forms Suspense LED Pendant $299.00
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Syra Outdoor Pendant Light
Bover Syra Outdoor Pendant Light from $2,664.00
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Soho Outdoor Pendant Light
Marset Soho Outdoor Pendant Light from $1,493.00
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Fora 90 Pendant
Bover Fora 90 Pendant $2,950.00
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Kube Outdoor Ceiling Light
Hinkley Kube Outdoor Ceiling Light from $199.00
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Sasha Outdoor Pendant Light
Tango Lighting Sasha Outdoor Pendant Light $504.00
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Skot Outdoor Wall or Ceiling Light
Louis Poulsen Skot Outdoor Wall or Ceiling Light $796.00
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Swell Single String Pendant
Pablo Swell Single String Pendant from $249.00
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Vessel LED Flush Mount
Modern Forms Vessel LED Flush Mount $219.00
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TXL Pendant
Marset TXL Pendant from $2,025.00
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Tube Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount
WAC Lighting Tube Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount $279.00
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Ledge Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount
Modern Forms Ledge Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount from $229.00
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Fora Ceiling Light
Bover Fora Ceiling Light $1,990.00
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Romeo Outdoor C3 Lighting
FLOS Romeo Outdoor C3 Lighting from $1,975.00
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Plis Outdoor Pendant
VIBIA Plis Outdoor Pendant $1,945.00
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Bloc LED Flush Mount
Modern Forms Bloc LED Flush Mount $245.00
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Luna Outdoor Ceiling Light
Hinkley Luna Outdoor Ceiling Light from $189.00
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Soho Ceiling Light
Marset Soho Ceiling Light from $1,213.00
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Uto Lamp
Foscarini Uto Lamp $685.00
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Maxi S Pendant
Bover Maxi S Pendant $1,765.00
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Dorian Outdoor Pendant Light
Hinkley Dorian Outdoor Pendant Light from $389.00
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Havana Outdoor Suspension Light
Foscarini Havana Outdoor Suspension Light $695.00
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Reef Outdoor Pendant Light
Hinkley Reef Outdoor Pendant Light from $249.00
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Sasha Outdoor Ceiling Light
Tango Lighting Sasha Outdoor Ceiling Light $440.00
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Bella Vista Garden Led Lights
Seletti Bella Vista Garden Led Lights $153.00
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Aria Outdoor Pendant Light
Hinkley Aria Outdoor Pendant Light from $185.00
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Wind Large Pendant
VIBIA Wind Large Pendant $2,590.00
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Castelle Outdoor Pendant Light
Hinkley Castelle Outdoor Pendant Light from $219.00
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Cherry Creek Outdoor Ceiling Light
Hinkley Cherry Creek Outdoor Ceiling Light from $179.00
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Along with furniture and decor, thoughtfully selected modern outdoor lighting helps compose attractive, engaging outdoor spaces that balance the beauty and comfort we create inside our homes. Modern outdoor lighting doesn’t just mean lanterns and flickering candles—or purely functional outdoor lighting designs. Our modern outdoor lighting selections present versatile and handsome designs—including a collection of imaginative modern outdoor ceiling lights.

Why choose modern outdoor ceiling lights?

Outdoor spaces can be as much an expression of your home life as any room inside your house. Particularly if you spend a great deal of time in your outdoor space or spaces, paying as much attention to outdoor lighting makes sense. Modern outdoor ceiling lights—which may include outdoor pendant lighting, or flush mount lighting—give an outdoor room, whether partially covered patio or enclosed deck, the kind of finished look reserved for indoor rooms. Modern outdoor ceiling lights also imbue an outdoor space with the brand of nuanced lighting typically found indoors. Installing modern outdoor ceiling lights is one way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor, making any outdoor space a seamless extension of a home.

What modern outdoor lighting choices do I have?

Modern outdoor ceiling lights include several categories—pendant lighting, static ceiling light fixtures, and flush mount lighting models, amongst them. Outdoor pendant lighting is always an inspired choice, with graceful shades, and the option of installing multiple pendants providing opportunities for dramatic visual statements. With a wide choice of materials to choose from—glass, metal, synthetic fibers—modern outdoor pendant lamps can transform an outdoor space into something very much like to an indoor living room or family room.

Ceiling light fixtures that are static have their own advantages, capable of giving an outdoor space plenty of nuanced lighting, while projecting a kind of architectural elegance with their simple, refined forms—and can be a handsome outdoor ceiling light choice. Flush mount lights—lighting that doesn’t jut out from the ceiling, but remains flush with the ceiling’s surface—may be a more subtle design choice, but with their geometric shapes and minimalist qualities, flush mount lamps can be an understated option when shopping for modern outdoor ceiling lights.

What materials should I look for when selecting modern outdoor ceiling lights?

Contemporary outdoor lighting is no longer limited to a narrow range of materials. If an outdoor ceiling light is what you’re shopping for, your choices may include steel, aluminum, etched glass, polypropylene, and fiberglass, and a host of other materials. Whether your choice is outdoor pendant lighting, a standard outdoor ceiling light, or any kind of ceiling-based contemporary outdoor lighting, your material options are wide and varied, and that’s good news for the overall design scheme of your outdoor space. By carefully considering the parameters of your outdoor space or spaces—size, exposure to the natural elements, the amount of use the spaces get—you’ll be able to narrow down your choices of modern outdoor lighting designs to materials that are both sensible and visually attractive for the outdoor areas of your home.