Modern Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Top 10 Modern Patio Chairs

Long summer days means longer hours spent relaxing and unwinding under the sun—and comfortable outdoor patio chairs from which to do it. Innovative materials, ergonomic shapes, and summer-ready colors are all part of the recipe for our favorite modern outdoor furniture designs that range from Mid Century classic to contemporary cool.

The Best 21 Modern Outdoor Dining Chairs

Pull up a chair and explore 21 modern outdoor dining chairs that will have your patio, garden, veranda or poolside not only looking on point, but ready for relaxing and entertaining. From aspirational chairs to hardworking performers, pair a set of these chairs with an outdoor dining table and create the oasis you deserve.

Why Choose Modern Outdoor Rocking Chairs?

There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of a modern outdoor rocking chair. Perfect for front porches, backyard patios, garden spaces, or any other al fresco space you enjoy, modern outdoor rocking chairs are an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to your home. Available in a wide range of colors, materials, shapes, and styles, 2Modern has a contemporary outdoor rocking chair for everyone and can easily blend or stand out amongst your current outdoor furniture and decor. With just the right angle and comfortable curves, outdoor rocking chairs are the perfect seating design to enjoy time spent relaxing outdoors with family and friends.

Choosing Which Modern Outdoor Rocking Chair Is Right For You

With an extensive range of options to choose from, the simple task of choosing a modern outdoor rocking chair may seem a bit more daunting than previously planned. As with all things, it's the distinct details that make all the difference and can ensure you find the most comfortable and stylish option that is right for you. Firstly, note the angle of recline as the chair sits in its natural state. For a long, satisfying rocking motion, a good rocker will have excellent balance points and should sit at an angle, leaning backwards when empty. Take into consideration the dimensions of the seat of the rocker to make sure it is generously sized enough for those using it allowing for a more comfortable seat.

Secondly, material is important when deciding on a modern outdoor rocking chair to ensure it is truly as durable as possible. A dense hardwood like teak or eucalyptus are durable wood choices, whereas steel or powder-coated aluminum are perfect metal choices. Recycled plastic rocking chairs are UV-resistant and hard-wearing, meaning they require very little upkeep to keep in fantastic shape. Lastly, consider the style of rocking chair that will fit best within your space and provide the type of comfort you are looking for. A rustic, farmhouse option is simple and straightforward and can always be made more comfortable with a seat cushion, while a plush, coastal option may be exactly what you are looking for with a comfortable rope back that cradles you perfectly.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Outdoor Rocking Chair

Another factor to consider when looking to buy a modern outdoor rocking chair is the color and shape of the chair. Bold, colorful options pop in any waterfront or poolside patio and look great as part of an avant garde or contemporary home. If you prefer a more neutral option, go for a naturally finished wood design or a simple white or black metal or plastic rocking chair. These options pair well with nearly any home and add a welcoming touch to your space.In terms of shape, this is purely personal preference and aesthetics. A majority of modern outdoor rocking chairs have a square or rectangular shape and straight lines, however there are options that are more curved, with rounded sides and generous seats that may appeal to you.

Modern Outdoor Rocking Chair FAQs

  • How to Clean an OutdoorRocking Chair?

Most outdoor rocking chairs should be easy to clean with some simple dish soap and warm water. This can be used for almost any type of patio furniture including wood, metal, plastics, and spot washing on fabrics. Never use an abrasive brush or cleaning solution as it can damage the finish of the chair. A microfiber cloth or sponge is best and an all-purpose cleaner can work to get grime and food spills off when necessary.

  • What is the Best Material for Outdoor Rocking Chairs?

With a wide variety of materials available, you want to select an option that can stand up to the unexpected elements of the outdoors and still look beautiful after years of use. Recycled plastic options are durable and long-lasting requiring very little maintenance. Typically weather and UV-resistant, they can last for many years of being left outside year round. Solid teak wood is a great option for natural beauty and being rot and water resistant. To keep it looking beautiful for many years, you will want to cover it in major storms or for winter to keep it in perfect condition. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a powder-coated aluminum option. Lightweight and durable, these chairs can stand up to all matters of weather without rusting.

  • How Much Space Do You Need for a Rocking Chair on a Porch?

A good rule of thumb is to allow for 2-3 feet of free space on all sides of your rocking chair to allow for people to move around them easily and ensure that you won’t bump into walls, side tables, or other chairs while you rock.