Modern Outdoor Planters

Small Front Porch Decor Ideas

Create the inviting front porch of your dreams with just a few simple decor pieces the can maximize and amplify style to welcome you home.

Top 16 Front Porch Planter Ideas

Craft the inviting and well-accented front porch of your dreams with a pop of floral beauty stored in one of our top outdoor planter designs.

How to Choose a Modern Outdoor Planter?

First, when choosing a modern outdoor planter, you want to consider the location this planter or pot will live in and the size and shape you need to choose. Are you looking to decorate a pool deck or expansive back patio? Large Square and rectangular planters are great for dotting around next to outdoor furniture and entryways or for dividing space between seating groups and dining areas. Have a small city balcony or screened-in porch space? A smaller, round or bowl-shaped planter is great for accenting a tight corner or layering on a side table or shelf. Next you want to consider the material and look you are going for with your modern outdoor plant pots. If you are looking for a colorful, modern vibe, recycled plastic planters are a durable and fun option, perfect for coastal retreats or dessert abodes.

For a more decorative design, ceramic pots are great for table centerpieces and small accents throughout your home. For a contemporary touch, look for powder-coated metal designs that can withstand outdoor elements and add a sleek accent to balconies and front porches. Lastly, consider how many planters you want for your space to make it feel well-decorated, but not too crowded. A pair flanking an entryway looks balanced and welcoming, while several dotted along a pool deck adds resort-like flair. Don’t forget to play around with shapes and sizes. Creating a layered display of varying heights can work in your favor for a lush and visually appealing landscape. 

Choosing Which Modern & Contemporary Outdoor Planter Is Right For You

First, you might be asking yourself, what’s the difference between a pot and a planter? Pots tend to be smaller and are often designed to hold only one plant like an orchid, planters are much larger and are perfect for holding one or more plants like a ficus or group of succulents, or even some juicy tomato plants. To decide what type of outdoor pot or planter is right for you, think about the type of plant or plants you want to have in your space, then select the proper size to store those plants. Next consider your outdoor aesthetic and the color that would best work in your space and the material that will be able to handle your weather conditions. You’ll soon have the lush, floral display of your dreams ready to welcome friends and family to your well-appointed home. 

What Else to Think About When Buying Modern Outdoor Plant Pots?

When buying modern outdoor plant pots or planters, do not forget to have fun with it! Selecting a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors can create an intriguing display both indoors and out. Selecting a few of the same planter in varying heights and sizes is perfect for an expansive front porch or for separating space on a back deck or patio. Opting for a bold, bright color if your space allows, makes your plants pop and adds a dynamic touch to your otherwise neutral outdoor decor. 

Modern Outdoor Planters FAQs 

  • What Makes a Good Outdoor Planter?

While the main focus of selecting an outdoor planter should be visual appeal, you also want to consider durability when selecting your outdoor pots and planters to ensure they are ready to stand up to the unexpected elements of the outdoors. While many materials thrive outdoors, not all fare equally well when constantly exposed to the elements. Whether you have a small city balcony or sprawling pool deck, you can find the perfect piece to take on the harshest of weather conditions. Once you’ve found the most durable outdoor option to suit the climate and weather your home is in, find one that is beautiful enough to put on display, but not going to overwhelm your outdoor space or the flowers you choose to put in it. A nice neutral tone or simple pattern can bring visual appeal to your deck or patio while still allowing the focus to be on the plants themselves. 

  • What is the Most Durable Material for Outdoor Planters?

There are several material options when selecting an outdoor planter and some are definitely better than others based on how you are choosing to decorate your space. Recycled plastic or polyethylene plant pots and planter boxes– like those from Loll Designs are waterproof, UV-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. These types of planters are going to easily stand up to any type of weather and are perfect for adding a colorful, modern touch to any outdoor space. 

  • What to Put in Outdoor Planters Besides Plants?

Besides the traditional grasses, flowers, or trees, outdoor planters and pots are a convenient and compact way to plant vegetables, fruits, or a selection of herbs, to keep ingredients ready for summer salads or barbecues. If you’re looking to deviate completely from all plants, planters are the perfect spot to store hoses and gardening gear, fill with water as an outdoor bird bath, or even use as a convenient spot for an outdoor bar station like the Plant Box Round Side Table which keeps plants and libations at your fingertips or out of site.