Modern Rugs

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Patch Wool Hand Stitched Rug
Surya Patch Wool Hand Stitched Rug from $137.40
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Apotema Rug
Calligaris Apotema Rug from $879.75
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Kelim Black Lines Rug
Ferm Living Kelim Black Lines Rug from $139.00
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URBN Petrol Blue Kaleidoscope Rug
MODLOFT URBN Petrol Blue Kaleidoscope Rug from $999.00
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URBN Yellow Fading Sun Rug
MODLOFT URBN Yellow Fading Sun Rug from $899.00
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Lepark Wool Rug
Gandia Blasco Lepark Wool Rug from $2,190.00
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Melange Pattern 4 Rug
Nanimarquina Melange Pattern 4 Rug $670.00
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Melange Pattern 2 Rug
Nanimarquina Melange Pattern 2 Rug $2,441.00
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Melange Pattern 1 Rug
Nanimarquina Melange Pattern 1 Rug from $670.00
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Canevas Spaces Abstract Rug
Gandia Blasco Canevas Spaces Abstract Rug from $990.00
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Kelim Square Rug
Ferm Living Kelim Square Rug from $139.00
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Naidu Wool Kilim Rug
Gandia Blasco Naidu Wool Kilim Rug from $700.00
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Solyanka Rug
By Second Studio Solyanka Rug from $1,190.00
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Alexandra Colored Rug
Gandia Blasco Alexandra Colored Rug from $1,170.00
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Lima Blue Rug
Gandia Blasco Lima Blue Rug from $700.00
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Silai Green Rug
Gandia Blasco Silai Green Rug from $2,280.00
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Silai Rose Rug
Gandia Blasco Silai Rose Rug from $2,280.00
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Silai Blue Rug
Gandia Blasco Silai Blue Rug from $2,280.00
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Kala Round Rug
Nanimarquina Kala Round Rug from $907.00
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Losanges I Rug
Nanimarquina Losanges I Rug from $4,836.00
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Honeycomb Carpet - Swizzle (7 piece Hexagon)
Kinder GROUND Honeycomb Carpet - Swizzle (7 piece Hexagon) $3,150.00
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Round Jute Rug
Ferm Living Round Jute Rug from $59.00
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Mangas Space Plait Rug
Gandia Blasco Mangas Space Plait Rug from $2,280.00
Editor’s Pick
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Kelim Blue Triangles Rug
Ferm Living Kelim Blue Triangles Rug from $139.00
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Melange Stripes Rug
Nanimarquina Melange Stripes Rug from $2,441.00
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Melange Stripes Runner
Nanimarquina Melange Stripes Runner $1,148.00
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Melange Zoom Rug
Nanimarquina Melange Zoom Rug from $2,441.00
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Melange Pattern 5 Rug
Nanimarquina Melange Pattern 5 Rug $670.00
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Black On White Manuscrit Rug
Nanimarquina Black On White Manuscrit Rug from $1,210.00
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Kala Rectangular Rug
Nanimarquina Kala Rectangular Rug from $1,982.00
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Silai Gray Rug
Gandia Blasco Silai Gray Rug from $2,280.00
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Trenzas Circular Rug
Gandia Blasco Trenzas Circular Rug $1,760.00
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Losanges III Rug
Nanimarquina Losanges III Rug from $4,836.00
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Bandas Rug Orange
Gandia Blasco Bandas Rug Orange from $2,850.00
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Losanges II Rug
Nanimarquina Losanges II Rug from $4,836.00
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Rabari 1 Rug
Nanimarquina Rabari 1 Rug from $5,325.00
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Because of the sheer size of floor space that a carpet typically occupies, modern rugs present a major opportunity to add both visual and practical value to a room. Practically speaking, contemporary rugs offer bare feet refuge from a hard or cold floor, act as natural sound absorbers, and even make for casual seating, if the need arises. For these reasons, and more, selecting contemporary rugs for your home can be both challenging and fun, and while the choices may be overwhelming, keeping your eye on some key elements will help you purchase modern rugs that are practical, enduring and beautiful.

How big should my modern area rugs be?

There are no hard and fast rules for settling on one rug size over another, but there are some blunders, both esthetic and practical, to avoid—a rug that’s too small to offer any practical use, or one so overwhelming as to dwarf everything else in a room, for instance. To be safe, always begin with asking yourself practical questions about what you expect from your rugs. In which room will your modern rugs reside, and how much traffic does each room get? Are you looking for statement designer rugs, or prefer striking, understated elegance? Do you want contemporary rugs that take up the majority of the floor space in a room, or act as accent pieces only? Because rugs, like furniture, are not a one-size-fits-all proposition, these key questions will help drive both the size, material, and looks of the modern area rugs on which you ultimately settle.

What’s the best material for a modern rug?

Contemporary area rugs are available in a slew of materials, ranging from natural fibers to state-of-the-art synthetic materials, but the carpet material best suited to your needs will depend on how and where you intend to use your designer rugs—and, of course, what your budget is. Contemporary rugs made from natural fibers—like wool, jute and seagrass, for instance—add texture and variety to a space, but may not be entirely practical for high-trafficked areas where dirt and grime may quickly accumulate. A one-of-a-kind, hand made rug may be expensive, but work beautifully in a master bedroom where general traffic is minimal, and professional cleaning is rarely required. Synthetic materials may not have the cache of natural fibers, but today’s range of contemporary area rugs include man-made materials that feel plush and luxurious under foot, in addition to offering beautiful motifs and easy maintenance—making them ideal for a child’s room or casual living areas.

How important are modern rugs to the decor of a room?

Depending on how you choose to use them, modern rugs have the potential to change the entire look and ambience of a room. Today’s contemporary rug designs are more inventive and artful than ever, and can turn an otherwise ordinary space into an exceptionally stylish one. A modern rug may also delineate and define internal space, anchoring the overall design scheme of a room, and offering visual boundaries in an open plan living arrangement. Ultimately, though, whether understated or emphatic, modern rugs make undeniably arresting design statements, drawing the eye and unifying a room in a singular way. Don’t think of your modern rug selections as last-minute entries into a room’s design, but as essential to your space as modern furniture, lighting, and accent pieces