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Modern Office Desks

Find the perfect modern desk for home or office. Peruse our roundup of standing desks, floating desks, computer desks or space saving desks by top brands including BDI, Huppe, and Blu Dot—to name a few.

Finding the perfect modern desk

An inspiring and functional workspace is only as good as its desk or office table, and a well-designed modern office desk or table should be both supremely functional and visually attractive. There’s no shortage of handsome modern office desks on the market, but whether you’re searching for a desk for a tiny corner of a room or a large private office, ask yourself some questions before you make that desk purchase:

Popular Desk Colors

What size should my modern office desk be?

There’s no formula for the perfectly sized contemporary office desk, and beautiful, functional desks are not limited by size. What matters is the size that makes sense for your space constraints and your needs. Before you purchase a modern office desk, evaluate your work-related needs—how many hours will you be spending at your desk, what kind of work will you be doing at your desk, what type of office chair will you be seated in, in which room in the house will your contemporary office desk reside? These considerations are key because it’s easy to fall in love with a particular desk design, irrespective of whether it fits your specific needs or the design scheme of your home. So, before you go investing in a modern office desk, be absolutely sure that your desk choice is one that resolves your work-related needs.

What’s the best material for modern office desks?

Wood, glass, metal, plastic: there’s no limit to the materials from which today’s modern office desks are constructed, and deciding on which material is most appropriate for you will definitely take some thought. If you’re furnishing a home office, in which room will you place the desk? If it’s in the main living space of your home, you’ll want your desk to work in harmony with the rest of your furnishings, and perhaps a specific wood finish is better than others. If material is not a main consideration, perhaps style is. Even if you have a private office in your home, your desk is only one component in the room, and you’ll want it to make a unified statement with the rest of your modern office furniture.

Can a modern office table or modern conference table work as a desk?

Absolutely. As long as all you need is a desktop, a modern office table can work just as well as a desk. The one difference, of course, is that tables rarely include built-in storage, so you’ll not have the drawer space or shelves that typically defines a modern office desk. But if storage is not the most important consideration, an office table, whether small scale or a larger modern conference table, can be an ideal working surface for both individual projects and collaborative projects involving friends or colleagues.

Is versatility important in a modern office desk?

Versatility in any piece of furniture is always a plus. Though by no means an essential element in modern office desks, a desk that has a more generic profile can be used in a variety of other ways, if needed. A simple modern desk can easily translate into a dining table, for instance, and a narrow desk can work just as easily as an entryway table.