Modern Ottomans & Poufs

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Sail Pouf Ottoman by GAN Rugs
GAN Rugs Sail Pouf Ottoman $1,950.00
Best Seller

Mangas Pouf Campana by GAN Rugs
GAN Rugs Mangas Pouf Campana $2,810.00

Sail Space Square Pouf by GAN Rugs
GAN Rugs Sail Space Square Pouf $1,150.00
Point Seat/Ottoman by Fatboy
Fatboy Point Seat/Ottoman $89.00
Hecks Ottoman by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Hecks Ottoman $239.00
Best Seller

Goyesca Pouf by GAN Rugs
GAN Rugs Goyesca Pouf $1,100.00
Storage Ottoman by Monte
Monte Storage Ottoman from $385.00

Jasper Cube Ottoman by Gus
Gus Jasper Cube Ottoman $295.00
Bumper Small Ottoman by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Bumper Small Ottoman from $189.00

Avenue Seat/Ottoman by Fatboy
Fatboy Avenue Seat/Ottoman $249.00
Hester Pouf by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Hester Pouf from $199.00
Como Ottoman by Monte
Monte Como Ottoman from $385.00

Otto Ottoman by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Otto Ottoman $189.00
Luxembourg Low Table/Footrest by Fermob
Fermob Luxembourg Low Table/Footrest from $355.00
Hester Ottoman by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Hester Ottoman from $349.00

Sparrow Ottoman by Gus
Gus Sparrow Ottoman $399.00
Toro Ottoman by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Toro Ottoman $649.00
Bumper Ottoman Tray by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Bumper Ottoman Tray $79.00
Editor’s Pick

Paramount Large Square Ottoman by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Paramount Large Square Ottoman $999.00

Cini Boeri Ottoman by Knoll
Knoll Cini Boeri Ottoman from $1,961.00
Indoor/Outdoor Ottoman by SOFTBLOCK
SOFTBLOCK Indoor/Outdoor Ottoman from $660.00

MB 5 Pouf/Table by Heller
Heller MB 5 Pouf/Table $250.00
F3 Side Table/Ottoman by Vondom
Vondom F3 Side Table/Ottoman from $436.00 $545.00

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The modern ottoman, like the pouf or pouf ottoman, is low-profile furniture that typically translates as casual and comfortable seating. But today’s range of ottomans is hardly the youthful, countercultural seating of the past. Today’s ottomans are every bit as sophisticated and refined as any other contemporary furniture—albeit with the possibility of a more playful bent. If you’re considering buying an ottoman or ottoman pouf, here are some key questions to consider.

What qualifies as an ottoman or pouf ottoman?

An modern ottoman is, by definition, upholstered furniture comprised of seat, but no back support. While the origins of the ottoman date back at least to the 18th Century, ottomans for sale today are available in a wide variety of styles, ranging from geometric and tailored, to organically shaped and casual. And while the earliest ottomans were central to a space, both in size and functionality, the ottomans for sale today may run the gamut, from central, to subsidiary, from ottoman coffee table to small ottoman footstool.

Why would I buy an ottoman pouf?

Comfort and versatility are the two reasons that modern ottomans make sense, Depending on the specifics of a particular modern ottoman design, an ottoman can make excellent subsidiary seating by being small and portable, easily moved from one place to another and one room to another. In terms of comfort, the upholstered elements of a small ottoman make it a much more comfortable short-term seat than, for example, a folding chair or small stool. And, like small stools, an ottoman’s versatility extends beyond seating. A pouf ottoman with a flat upholstered surface, for instance, can easily be turned into an ottoman coffee table when its surface is firm and stable enough to facilitate trays, magazines, and decorative objects.

What style of modern ottoman is best for a contemporary room?

The style of modern ottoman that makes most sense for your space is entirely contingent upon where and how you intend to use your small ottoman, large ottoman or ottoman pouf. Because ottomans vary in size, profile, and materials, the overall design scheme of your room or home will determine how an pouf ottoman fits into that particular space. For instance, if you have a more minimalist style of décor, you may opt for a clean-lined and tailored modern ottoman that seamlessly complements the sofa or lounge chairs you’ve already chosen. Or if you want to inject a slightly casual, but still sophisticated, element into your space, a more softly contoured, pliable pouf ottoman may contrast nicely with more formal furniture.

Is a large ottoman better than a small one?

That depends entirely on what function you want your modern ottoman to play in your home. If you’re in search of versatile seating that also doubles as an ottoman coffee table, for instance, a large handsome pouf ottoman may be exactly what you want as an attention-getting furniture piece. But if you’re in search of an accent piece that also works as a side table or footstool, then a small ottoman may be the answer. Because the modern ottomans for sale are a vast and varied group, there’s no reason that you can’t find just the right sized ottoman for your interior design arrangement.