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Ottoman Coffee Tables

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Use an ottoman coffee table to bring functional sophistication to your modern living room

Ottoman coffee tables combine the much-needed, versatile surface area of a coffee table with the comfort and unbeatable texture of an ottoman. The best of both worlds, a modern ottoman coffee table is a dual-purpose dream. Prop your feet up, decorate it, use it as additional seating, or use it to hold your coffee, snack, or laptop - whatever your day-to-day needs, ottoman coffee tables are right at home in contemporary homes.

How to choose the perfect modern ottoman coffee table


  • Choose a round ottoman coffee table to allow equal access to the ottoman for everyone in the seating area. The round shape is easy on the eye and makes a contemporary addition to your space.
  • Use a square ottoman for a polished, modern look. A square ottoman table fills your space without overpowering it.
  • Opt for an oval-shaped ottoman coffee table to combine visual interest with increased surface area.
  • Incorporate a rectangular ottoman into your living room to make a sleek, modern statement and provide yourself and your family with an abundance of space for those everyday odds and ends.
  • Choose a geometric shape for a mid-century modern spin on an ottoman coffee table.


  • Black makes a bold and rich addition to any space. Use it to contrast against lighter colors, or go for an all-black room for a completely contemporary touch.
  • Blue brings a cool, soothing pop of color to your space.
  • Gray coordinates with any color scheme and makes a subtle but stunning addition to your living room.
  • White is a marvelous, modern choice. It can provide variation, or it can be used to keep your space clean and cohesive.
  • Brown brings an earthy and warm touch to your seating area.


  • Choose an ottoman with storage to maximize the footprint of your piece. Use a storage ottoman to stash blankets, pillows, or even toys.
  • Use a pouf-style ottoman table for the most comfortable dual-purpose seating option.
  • Incorporate a multi-piece ottoman for a unique take on a coffee table alternative. Use each piece separately to prop up your feet or eat a meal, then put them back together when you’re finished. Multi-piece ottomans make a statement and increase the function of your coffee table simultaneously.


  • Traditional ottoman coffee tables right at home in any space. Whether your other furniture is more modern or you gravitate toward traditional for every piece, a traditional ottoman will be the ideal complement.
  • Mid-century modern ottomans combine retro design with contemporary style for an eye-catching and functional piece.
  • A Farmhouse ottoman table brings a warm and welcoming touch to your living room.
  • Contemporary ottomans make an unbeatable, modern addition to any space.


  • Leather is a rich and supple material, and it’s also a durable choice for your ottoman coffee table.
  • A tufted ottoman combines traditional style with luxurious design for a timeless look.
  • Velvet makes a soft but lavish impression in your space.
  • Textured textiles add dimension and interest to your contemporary living area.


  • If your living room is ample and you have plenty of seating, you’ll want to select a large ottoman to anchor the space. The scale of a smaller table wouldn’t complement substantial furniture as well, so you want to consider the pieces you already own.
  • For more modest living areas, use a small ottoman coffee table to make full use of your square footage. Small ottomans are also useful in limited spaces because they double as additional seating when the need arises.

Choose a modern ottoman coffee table for a functional and decorative touch

Ottoman coffee tables are the ideal addition to your modern living space. From top brands like GAN Rugs and Knoll to well-loved names like Blu Dot and Bernhardt, you’re sure to find a piece at 2Modern to make your room pop. Whether you’re looking for statement-making furniture or you simply want to make your living area a little more accommodating to guests, an ottoman coffee table is just what your room is missing.