Bohemian Modern


What Defines Bohemian Modern Style?

An updated version of the traditional bohemian interior style, Modern Boho Chic home decor adopts the unusual and bold items from its predecessor and combines them with streamlined, more relaxed features for a global-chic look that is totally now. Think natural elements like wood, rattan, and linen paired with globally-inspired patterns, textures, and colors, blend elements of old and new to create a look that is both inspired and unique. Modern Boho is a great way to incorporate decorative elements from world travels or eclectic pieces that just haven’t found a spot in your home yet.

How Bohemian Modern Decor Can Accentuate Your Room

Throw out all of the traditional decorating rules and just have fun when decorating your home with Modern Boho style. Bright colors, varying patterns such as tribal prints, florals, geometrics, and mosaics are all fair game. Leather and suede are popular in modern boho design schemes and can elevate furniture, decor, and even some lighting pieces using a natural material. Eclectic accents and souvenirs from your travels play an important role in creating a cohesive boho chic space. Turkish lanterns, or Moroccan tile can accent more subdued pieces like a cream-colored sofa, or rich velvet armchair. Blending in some more modern pieces helps to bring the look into the 21st century and can help to make the space feel unique and welcoming, while still appearing chic and put-together. Opt for a modern coffee table, end table, or media stand to pull the whole look together.

What Else to Think About When Buying Bohemian Modern Furniture & Decor

Modern boho style is the balanced combination of old and new, combining vintage pieces with modern ones to create an eclectic vibe that is very new and now. This means there is no one way to achieve the modern boho look, so the combination of natural materials, colors, and furniture/decor pieces is totally up to you. Select bold wallpaper, rich tapestries, woven textiles and more to create the look you love. At 2Modern, we have a wide selection of modern boho furniture, rugs, lighting, decor, and more all waiting to help you build a cozy, welcoming space that is as unique and well-traveled as you are.

Bohemian Modern FAQs

  • What is Modern Bohemian Style?

Modern bohemian style adopts the prominent elements of traditional bohemian style and blends them with modern influences for a more updated look and feel. Think woven natural materials like rattan and macrame, accented by tribal or global prints found in poufs, lounge chairs, wallpaper and more. More of a maximalist style, modern boho combines a variety of patterns, colors, and materials to create a look that is artistic, eclectic, with an emphasis on organic elements and nature.

  • Can you Mix Modern and Bohemian?

If you’re looking to incorporate a touch of boho chic beauty into your modern interior, try starting with unique textiles in the forms of rugs, throw blankets, pillows, tapestries, or bedding to add eclectic flair to your home. Damask, ikat, and trellis prints will add a pop of pattern while layers of linens are a great way to add texture and dynamic to your windows or walls. Because some of these patterns can be quite bold, it works perfectly in a modern interior with more subdued, neutral furniture –allowing the textiles to truly pop for a pleasant contrast.

  • Is Modern Boho Decor Still in Style?

A fresh, contemporary take on the classic boho style still remains on trend today. From artwork and accent pieces to furniture and lighting, the casual, laid-back feel is welcoming to all and inspires cozy nights in entertaining with friends and family. With such a freedom of self-expression and the ability to change things up so easily, modern boho will continue to be a favored interior design style for years to come.