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Sectional Sofas

Shop our modern sectional sofas, a collection that include stylish designs by stellar brands, including Blu Dot, Gus* and True Modern. Choose from designs suited to both small and large spaces, and which complement most any interior scheme.

What Is A Sectional Sofa?

Often referred to as simply “sectionals,” sectional sofas are multi-piece seating solutions that often form an L or a U shape. They can typically be configured in a number of ways and offer a variety of modern styles, allowing for customization and a perfect fit in your living room.

What Is A Modular Sectional?

Modular sectionals are fully-customizable sofas. Their versatile design allows you to reconfigure the sofa to fit perfectly into any room.

What Are The Different Pieces Of A Sectional?

Sectionals can have a number of different pieces. Some of the most common include:

  • Chaise - an elongated chair, typically situated at one or both ends of the sofa
  • Armless - a chair without arms, which allows for other pieces to be placed on either side
  • Recliner - typically situated on one or both ends, recliners are a popular option for sectional sofas
  • Return - an extension with an L-shape and an arm with a bumper
  • Left- or right-facing - refers to configuration of the chair. Certain sectionals might be left-facing, some are right-facing, and U-shaped designs have both left- and right-facing chairs.
  • 90-degree corner - an angled, armless chair that fits perfectly in the corner of the sectional and provides a curve
  • Storage console - certain designs include a storage piece, which can be placed between other sections to create the perfect landing zone for food, drinks, laptop computers, and more

How Do I Choose The Perfect Modern Sectional Sofa?

Finding the best modern sectional sofa for your space can be a difficult task. However, with the variety of options available at 2Modern, you’ll find the sofa that meets your needs and suits your contemporary style. When choosing a sectional, a few considerations should be weighed:

Size - Measuring your room is an important first step in choosing a sectional sofa. If your living space is large and grand, you might opt for a sectional with ample seating for any friend or family member who might want to kick back and relax. For a small space, you might choose a sectional with just a few pieces. Measure your room to ensure that the sectional you’re considering will fit. You want your sectional to provide plenty of lounge space, but you don’t want to overpower the room or choose a sofa that looks tiny against the scale of your room and your other furniture. Take the size of the sectional into consideration, and be sure to use masking or painter’s tape to outline the footprint of the sofa. This will allow you to see exactly how large the sectional sofa will be in your room. You’ll also want to consider the depth of the sofa. A deep sectional offers maximum comfort and welcomes relaxation.

Material - Next, think about the type of material that fits your lifestyle and your design preferences. If you have pets or kids, a modern leather sectional sofa might be a great choice because of its durability and its ability to easily wipe clean. If you don’t have children or pets in the house or you’re going for a more sophisticated, modern look, an upholstered fabric sectional sofa is a beautiful option.

Color - Weigh your options when it comes to the color of your modern sectional sofa. A neutral gray or beige is a smart starting point, allowing for decor, pillows, and other furniture of any color or style. A white sofa makes a clean, bright statement. Black sectionals add sophistication and richness to your space. Opt for a green or blue pop of color, or go bold with orange or red. From bold to subdued, you’re sure to find a contemporary sectional sofa in the perfect color for your home.

Create An Inviting, Comfortable, and Well-appointed Living Room

When it comes to comfort and customization, you can’t beat a sectional. Whether you prefer a mid-century modern look, a farmhouse style, or a traditional design, 2Modern has the perfect sectional sofa for your modern home. With designs by Cane Line, Seasonal Living, Vondom, Blu Dot, Gus, and a number of other top brands, you’ll be well on your way to a warm and welcoming living space!