Modern Leather Sofas

Top 16 Contemporary Sofas

With its central place in a room, a sofa can turn an ordinary space into a stylish, sophisticated area for living and entertaining. Our Top 16 Contemporary Sofas comprise a range of elegant designs—from Mid-Century informed sofas by Gus* and Blu Dot to Scandinavian sofas by Ferm Living and MENU.

How To Craft A Smart & Cozy Small Living Room

Keep things cozy and streamlined with our curated selection of top designs perfect for creating a stylish and functional small living room space.

Complete your modern living room with a leather sofa

Leather is one of the most popular choices when it comes to furniture textiles. Offering durability, cleanability, and a rich, supple look and feel, leather is as luxurious as it is practical. Whether you’re single, living with a partner, an animal lover, or a parent, leather is a brilliant option because it resists stains, wipes easily, and truly stands the test of time. When you shop at 2Modern, you’ll be choosing from a breathtaking selection of modern leather sofas by top-quality, well-known, time-honored brands.

Choosing the leather sofa that works best in your contemporary living space

Having an idea of what you’re searching for is a smart first step. Opt for a modern leather recliner sofa for optimal comfort and relaxation. Choose a modern leather loveseat if you’re limited on space or looking to pair your sofa with other seating. Go for a modular modern leather sectional sofa if you have a large area and need ample seating for a number of people. Considering the features, size, and type of sofa you need will help you hone in on the perfect choice for you, your home, and your lifestyle.

Think about the style of furniture that makes the most sense in your home. Create an eclectic mix-and-match look or curate a cohesive collection of pieces. Incorporate a unique mid-century modern leather sofa for its retro charm or choose a contemporary leather sofa for a completely modern space. Select a Scandinavian leather sofa to welcome clean lines and straightforward design, or try a traditional leather sofa for a timeless approach.

Finally, weigh the options when it comes to the color of your modern leather sofa and choose the one that works best with your existing decor and furniture. Opt for a neutral tan or brown modern leather sofa for an earthy, natural touch. Choose a white leather sofa for a clean, luxurious look or a black sofa for its rich and sophisticated depth. Keep it cool with a gray leather sofa, which is easy to coordinate with decor and furniture in any other color or pattern. Make a bold choice with a comfy leather sofa in a shade of red, green, yellow, blue, or any other color that brings you joy.

Whether you’re shopping for a modern leather sofa for its family-friendly nature or its classic opulence, your living room will soon be a well-edited and welcoming space. At 2Modern, we offer eye-catching designs by well-known, beloved brands like Blu Dot, Bernhardt, Knoll, Gus, Moooi, and more. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find the perfect sofa for your home at 2Modern.