Modern Lamps

Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps

Owing to their size, modern floor lamps are natural attention-getters, but they're also versatile lighting solutions for the modern home, easy to move and easily adjustable to specific needs. Our Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps include design icons and innovative lamps that showcase elegant forms, inventive materials, and cutting edge technology.

Top 10 Bedside Pendant Lamps

Our Top 10 Bedside Pendant Lamps show that modern pendant lights can make illuminating additions to a contemporary bedroom scheme. Whether your choice is ornamental, glam, or rustic, a bedside pendant lamp has the potential to turn a modern bedroom into an inspired space for unwinding and sleeping.

Why Choose A Modern Lamp?

Modern lamps can encompass a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors and are the perfect addition to any space that needs additional light and additional decorative elements. When looking for a new modern lamp, consider the design scheme you are planning on going for and try to match your lamp to that overall vibe. Farmhouse and Scandinavian modern lamps are simple, yet sophisticated in shades of white, cream, brown, and gold, art deco and boho lamps are more colorful and eccentric with jewel tones, gold accents, and geometric shapes,while industrial floor lamps are often crafted from wrought iron and burnished metals with clean-lined lampshades. 2Modern has a wide array of table and floor lamp styles to perfectly match your interior design and amplify your home decor.

Choosing Which Modern Lamp Is Right For You

To ensure your modern lamp is right for you, there are a couple design factors to consider to ensure you have the right fit and style for your space. First, consider the height of your lamp. You want to make sure that the bottom of the lampshade is at or below eye-level to ensure the light brightens the room, but doesn’t blind you or your guests with glare. For base to shade ratio, the shade should be approximately ⅓ the height of the entire lamp for proportions to look correct. If your lamp is 36 inches tall, the shade should be a minimum of 12 inches. Also consider the scale of the item your lamp will be sitting on, a small table with a giant lamp will look unbalanced and top heavy. Also consider the width of the lamp versus what it will be sitting on to ensure there is plenty of space for the lamp to safely sit and be surrounded by additional decor, books, plants, etc. Lastly, find the style that’s right for you and your home. Mid-century modern lamps are clean-lined and neutral to fit into a variety of contemporary spaces, while coastal and boho lamps bring a pop of color you may desire. Don’t be afraid to match your lamp specifically to your room using the hardware, color, or pattern as a guide.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Lamp

Another important aspect when choosing a lamp is the type of bulb it will use. LED-compatible lamps are incredibly popular due to their powerful brightness, energy efficiency, and long-lasting nature meaning you’ll change bulbs less, help the environment, and get the best performance out of your lamp. Also consider the other lighting that will be in the room to dictate how many, and what type of lamps you will need in your space. If you have tons of overhead lighting whether pendants, recessed, or chandeliers, a singular lamp or pair might be enough for your sitting or lounge area, whereas if you have very little overhead lighting, multiple table and floor lamps may be necessary to light corners and seating areas for constant use.

Modern Lamp FAQs

  • What are the benefits of a lamp?

Lamps are incredibly beneficial in a wide variety of spaces throughout your home. They are incredibly convenient to operate and come in handy when a quick burst of light is needed. Because lamps only illuminate a specific area, they are ideal for reading, relaxing, or accenting additional lighting designs in your space. Lamps also make for the perfect decorative element thanks to their variety of bases and shades that come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. These factors can contribute to the overall appeal of your space and create a cohesive look that is sure to impress.

  • What kind of lamps are in style?

The following types of lamps are popular with consumers and are perfect for any spot in your home.

Buffet Lamps: Known for their slender shape and compact frame, buffet lamps take up very little surface area and are therefore perfect for a wide variety of living spaces. Ideal for dining tables, home offices, entryway consoles, and more, the shade is elevated high enough to be out of the way of food, decor, or work, and brings a special warmth to your space.

Arc Lamps: A classic of the mid-century modern design style, arc lamps are characterized by their slender body and arc shaped body, with a shade that extends out from the base. Best suited for corners where the arch can reach over a table or sofa, this type of lamp is ideal for direct light for reading, entertaining, or even dining spaces.

Swing Arm Lamps: Available in several sizes and shapes, perfect for floors, desks, or tables, swing arm lamps are equipped with an adjustable arm to direct the light in any direction needed. Incredibly versatile, this type of lamp is ideal for a small workspace or desk area in your home.

  • How do you style a lamp?

When selecting a modern lamp, you want to be sure that it complements your decor and fits with your overall design scheme. For a modern look, simple and streamlined is best for lamps, with slim bases and drum-shaped shades. These add height and drama to your space without overpowering other decor. Place on a side table flanking either side of a master bed or sofa in the living room or use as part of an entryway vignette atop a sideboard or console table for a welcoming touch. Pair with favorite decor like sculptures, decorative plates and bowls, or floral arrangements for the perfectly accented touch of brightness.