Top 14 Bedside Pendant Lamps

Our Top 14 Bedside Pendant Lamps show that modern pendant lights can make illuminating additions to a contemporary bedroom scheme. Whether your choice is an ornamental piece or a rustic beauty, a bedside pendant lamp has the potential to turn a modern bedroom into an inspired space for unwinding and sleeping.

Flowerpot Pendant Light
Who doesn't fantasize about finding equilibrium? A pair of gleaming &Tradition spinning pendants yields a perfectly balanced design statement in any bedroom where less means more restful sleep.
Beat Pendant
When it comes to bedside pendant light, its hard to beat a Tom Dixon lamp. This shapely contemporary pendant, with its vaguely exotic form, infuses the modern bedroom with dreams of faraway places.
Cigar Pendant
A modern design classic that hangs pretty in any space, this George Nelson icon with its elongated vertical form, beautifully complements a horizontal bed, while lending instant design cred, night and day.
PH 5 Mini Pendant Light
Designed to be used with any kind of light source, the PH 5 Mini Pendant Light is synonymous with the Louis Poulsen brand, known for its glare-free design, this fixture is perfect for installing bedside for reading or relaxing.
Utzon Pendant Light
Inspired by the smooth lines of a ship, with a directly diffused source of light, the Utzon Pendant light is a balanced masterpiece created by the very man who designed the Sydney Opera House.
Wright Stuff Exposed Pendant
Graphic lines, drawn in hand-forged steel, are definitely the Wright stuff when this Varaluz pendant is hung bedside, providing an industrial touch and an inspired hard-edge counterpoint to luxurious bed linens.
IC Lights S Pendant
The magical IC Lights S Pendant gets nothing but glowing reviews, no matter where it's placed. But when hung above a nightstand, this contemporary best-seller brings uncommon elegance to both late nights and early mornings.