Modern Minimalism


Why Choose Modern Minimalism?

Modern minimalism is a fantastic design aesthetic for those who enjoy life with less stress, less distraction, and more freedom to design your space as you like. Modern minimalist interiors offer clean lines, neutral colors, supremely functional furniture, and bright, natural light. With a focus on less is more, minimalist design focuses on the purpose of a room and utilizing the bare minimum in both decor and furniture to build that space. A lack of superfluous ornamentation and decoration is apparent, while a monochromatic color palette, with some pops of an accent color work to create a simple, soothing environment.

How a Modern Minimalism Lighting & Furniture Can Accentuate Your Room Decor

At its core, modern minimalism is attempting to live with the bare minimum to reduce distractions. To begin, you want to start with quality over quantity paring back your lifestyle to its bare essentials. Begin with a neutral base in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, and opt for white, off-white, or cream colored walls. High-quality furniture, lighting, and decor that will serve you well without cluttering your space is ideal for a room that is equal parts stylish and functional. Invest in practical furniture and lighting with little to no ornamentation that will not distract from its functionality. Add in visual interest through subtle textural differences and tones throughout your space. Minimalism does not have to be boring. Use a variety of materials like wood, leather, metal, glass, and stone to incorporate beauty and natural essence. The overall goal is to strip back the unnecessary leaving behind only the things that provide you with real value and true joy.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Minimalism

While modern minimalism is all about less is more, you still want to make sure you are making the most of your space and not allowing your room to feel too open to the point of it feeling empty or that there is wasted space. You want to draw the attention into your main focal points, could be a dining room table, living room sectional, or master suite bed frame. Fill in the space around your main furniture piece with purposeful and selective decor, furniture, and lighting pieces to fill out the space and balance the minimalist look. This is a great opportunity to show off your personal style and self-expression, so pulling in certain items that you enjoy and desire – like a simple wall clock or sturdy side table with storage, will make the space your own while sticking to the design philosophy.

Modern Minimalism FAQs

  • What is Modern Minimalism?

Modern minimalism is more of a philosophy than a specific design style. It follows the less is more approach to life and that a space should be focused on supporting its function. Like modern design, minimalist interiors embrace clean lines, neutral colors, and natural lighting, while supremely functional furniture pieces are favored over decorative designs.

  • What Materials are Used in Minimalist Design?

Because it is more of a philosophy rather than a design style, modern minimalism all materials are welcome in modern minimalist design, however, there are different variations depending on the aesthetic you choose. Industrial materials like chrome, steel, glass and plastic are common options and more traditional materials like organic textiles, stone, leather, wood, and ceramics all find a home in minimalist design.

  • What Colors are Prominent in Minimalist Design?

For contemporary spaces that use the minimalist design principles, the color palette is basic, neutral and muted with some pops of color. Think whites, beiges, tans, grays, and blacks. A burst of color like red, blue, or yellow may come through in a throw pillow, framed art piece, or even a sleek table lamp. Prints and patterns tend to be absent from a minimalist space, but texture and tone can be used to create a visually intriguing space.