Modern Swing Arm

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Tolomeo Classic Mini Wall Light by Artemide
Artemide Tolomeo Classic Mini Wall Light from $230.00

Tolomeo Micro Wall Light by Artemide
Artemide Tolomeo Micro Wall Light from $240.00
Hector Medium Dome Wall Light by Original BTC
Original BTC Hector Medium Dome Wall Light from $269.00
Tolomeo Classic Wall Light by Artemide
Artemide Tolomeo Classic Wall Light from $240.00

Staple Wall Lamp by Menu
Menu Staple Wall Lamp from $149.95
Walker Swing Arm Sconce by Lights Up
Lights Up Walker Swing Arm Sconce $300.00

Cubo LED Wall Sconce by Cerno
Cerno Cubo LED Wall Sconce $535.50

Tolomeo Mega Wall Lamp by Artemide
Artemide Tolomeo Mega Wall Lamp from $610.00
MOD 265 Wall Lamp by FLOS
FLOS MOD 265 Wall Lamp $1,495.00
Guppy Sconce by Lights Up
Lights Up Guppy Sconce $144.00

Walker Pin-Up Sconce by Lights Up
Lights Up Walker Pin-Up Sconce $300.00

Warren Wall Lamp by Menu
Menu Warren Wall Lamp from $199.95

BL5 Wall Lamp - Pin-Up by Gubi
Gubi BL5 Wall Lamp - Pin-Up from $679.00

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About Swing Arm Lamps: Swing arm lamps have their own particular appeal, and can be smart wall light options for a number of areas in the home—especially bedrooms, where they make excellent bedside lamps. For reading in bed or for task-oriented lighting, you can’t beat a swing arm wall lamp, its flexible features ideal for focused, pinpointed illumination. If you’re considering swing arm bedroom lamps, or searching for a modern reading light elsewhere in your home, the following information may help you make the right purchasing decision.

Proper placement is key with bedroom wall lights.

More than most other types of lighting, good placement is key to getting the most from bedside lights, or reading lamps of any kind—and that’s particularly so with a swing arm wall lamp. Because, like ceiling lights, a swing arm lamp is affixed to one spot, accessing the lamp’s flexible elements without any trouble becomes essential. So, it’s important that before you install a swing arm sconce or lamp, that you’ve measured and determined the optimal height and distance that will allow access to the extendable elements of the lamp easily.

Should you decide on swing arm lamps as bedside lamps, for instance, it’s essential that they be installed in such a way that reaching the lamp and—depending on the specifics of the design—accessing and maneuvering their arms or neck can be done easily and comfortably. Similarly, if you’re installing a swing arm lamp in a study or any other place where tasks are performed, it’s essential that the lamp’s wall placement guarantees that the best light quality can be accessed easily and conveniently.

As modern bedroom lamps, swing arm lights are a stylish option.

Few places benefit as well from swing arm lamps than bedrooms. From a practical standpoint, eliminating the need for a surface area—namely, a bedside table—from the equation, presents an opportunity to create a major lighting statement with bedside lamps. Finding bedroom wall lights that are both highly practical and visually dynamic becomes easier with the selection of a swing arm wall lamp or two. So, if you’re on the hunt for contemporary bedside lamps, consider swing arm lamps as a possible option for bedroom wall lights.

Swing arm lamps can be installed anywhere.

Swing arm lamps maybe ideal as bedside lights or as a reading light elsewhere, the bedroom is not the only place where they fit in. Far from conjuring up images of old fashioned metal lamps with accordion extensions—and lovers of vintage designs will find no shortage of such features—a contemporary swing arm scone or lamp can be as sleek and sophisticated as any other lighting design, and are terrifically versatile. Without the limitations of needing a surface area, like a table or floor, the only requirement for a wall light is a wall. A tight reading nook, for instance, will benefit enormously from a wall light not only from a practical standpoint, but also from the perspective of turning a random space into one of well-appointed permanence.