Modern Sofa Beds

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Accent your space and bring convenience home with a modern sofa bed

The sofa bed is surely amongst the most convenient additions to any home. And luckily, unlike bulky, uncomfortable sofa beds of the past, modern sofa bed design has evolved to a point where it's possible to purchase a sofa bed that's comfortable, practical, and beautiful, too. If you're shopping for modern sofa beds, you may find it useful to ask yourself the following questions.

What's the most important thing to consider when buying a modern sofa bed?

Three things should drive your decision when buying contemporary sofa beds: comfort, quality and good looks. Which of these elements is the most important depends on your taste, budget, and how and where you intend to use your contemporary sofa bed.


If you're shopping for designer sofa beds as your primary sofa, obviously you'll want one that's good looking and comfortable, as you would expect any standard sofa to be. But if you expect your modern sofa bed to be used regularly as a bed—either by you or someone else—sleeping comfort is just as essential to the designer sofa bed design as seating comfort. The last thing you want to do is invest in a sofa bed that looks great, but makes a good night's sleep difficult. So, if your primary reason for purchasing a designer sofa bed is to use it as both sofa and bed consistently, make sure that the choice you make is primarily focused on comfort.


If, however, your modern sofa bed will only be used occasionally—say, a few times a year for overnight guests—while you'll want to make sure it's plenty comfortable for an occasional night's sleep, comfort in and of itself doesn't have to necessarily be your primary consideration. No one wants to look at unattractive contemporary sofa beds, so particularly if sleep is not an essential function of your contemporary sofa bed, then focusing on esthetics and seating comfort is perfectly rational.


Aside from looks and comfort, however, well-constructed designer sofa beds are always a plus. As with all furniture, well-made furniture that lasts longer extends your budget dollars while protecting the environment from more waste. In the case of modern sofa beds, specifically, quality and comfort level are typically related, so it's hard to go wrong with a thoughtfully constructed sofa bed that has been designed to last.

How important are good looks in contemporary sofa beds?

All modern design enthusiasts want handsome furniture, so wanting a well-designed and visually pleasing contemporary sofa bed is a given. The ratio of looks-to-comfort may fall slightly in favor of looks, though, if your modern sofa bed is only going to be used occasionally. In this case, making sleeping comfort secondary to seating comfort and good looks is perfectly reasonable.

How much should I spend on a contemporary sofa bed?

Your budget will, of course, inform the kind of sofa bed you purchase, but how much you spend on a modern sofa bed should have some relation to how vital it is to your needs and to your style. It's always a good idea to buy the highest quality furniture that your budget will allow, and this applies to sofa beds as well. So whether or not your modern sofa bed is integral to your needs or a luxury for occasional guests, comfort, style, and quality should add up to the best sofa bed that you can afford.