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Modern Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans have come a long way since the days before central air conditioning, when fans were all but a necessity in most homes. Today, modern ceiling fans are hardly a staple of contemporary homes, having been nudged aside by energy-hogging air conditioning units. But the ceiling fan industry has upped the ante in terms of both energy efficiency and ambience, with a range of designer ceiling fans—which include outdoor ceiling fans—that make adding a modern fan to your home well worth the extra effort in researching the best options. Finding the ideal choice from the vast array of modern ceiling fans available will pay off handsomely in terms of both visual panache and practical value.

What makes contemporary ceiling fans different from traditional ceiling fans?

The traditional ceiling fan remained unchanged from Victorian days to much of the 20th Century, offering few options for the modern design enthusiast. Thanks to visionary designers, however, the modern ceiling fan industry began to enter the modern age in the 1980’s, offering a range of sophisticated designs, innovative material choices, both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, and modern ceiling fans with lights attached. Today, design buffs have a choice of unique ceiling fans that include graceful shapes, beautiful finishes, and energy-efficient technology that makes installing cool ceiling fans in your home a smart, stylish and eco-friendly decision.

How can I select the best designer ceiling fans for my home?

Once you set your sights on a modern fan, you’ll find that here’s quite a wide array of available contemporary ceiling fans online or at retail stores, and the choice you make is obviously contingent upon your personal tastes. However, bear in mind that fans, both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, should be given careful consideration, both in terms of form and functionality, just as you would with any piece of modern design. Much like a light fixture, for instance, the design and finish of modern ceiling fans with lights should help create a harmonious interior design statement with all the other elements in a room or home. Functionality is the second key factor, of course.

Many unique ceiling fans carry Energy Star ratings, making them far more efficient in energy use than air conditioners; so whether you plan to use your ceiling fan only occasionally or as a primary means of cooling, or whether you opt for an indoor modern ceiling fan or several outdoor ceiling fans, it’s always wise to find the optimal design in terms of energy use.

Can I use contemporary ceiling fans throughout the year?

Yes, part of the energy efficiency of ceiling fans today is their versatility—meaning that many modern ceiling fans are strategically designed to be used during almost any season, meant to distribute warm during the cool months and generate cool air during summer. Houses with very high ceilings, for instance, can benefit from the installation of a contemporary ceiling fan or two that help distribute the warm air generated via the central heating system evenly throughout a space. So whether shopping for ceiling fans online or in person, be mindful of how looking for designs that can be of use throughout the year, not simply during the summer months.