Modern Table & Floor Fans

4 Types of Ceiling Fans To Consider

Cool down your home in the warmer months and circulate air year round with our stylish selection of ceiling fans offering a variety of styles to suit your home design scheme.

Top 10 Modern Accent Tables

A small accent table can add just the right touch of interest to a living room scheme—and our Top 10 Modern Accent Tables illustrate that point beautifully. Choose from cutting-edge side tables to modern tables with full fledged Mid-Century modern credentials.

Refresh your well-appointed home with a modern fan

Fans might seem like an old-school solution to cooling a place down, but the fact is that the selection of modern fans available today is a great deal more sophisticated and stylish than ever before. In addition to ceiling and wall fans, freestanding modern floor fans and contemporary table fans are becoming popular alternatives to air conditioning, and with good reason. More gentle on the environment, and more energy efficient for the home owner, the floor fan or tower fan, along with the modern table fan, presents a great way to add both panache and practicality to a home. When shopping for floor fans or table fans, though, ask yourself the following questions before making that final purchase:

Why should I consider buying a modern floor fan?

There are practical as well as esthetic reasons for purchasing a floor fan or standing fan, and whichever reason drives your interest in floor fans, be aware of how to make your decision in a smart and informed manner. Practically speaking, a modern table fan or tower fan is a cleaner way to cool down a home. Air conditioning units, while common, are both costly and detrimental to the environment, while fans, in general, consume much less energy, and facilitate air flow that's both cleaner and more pleasurable both inside and outside a home. Floor fans and modern pedestal fans, however, have the added advantage of being portable and requiring no installation complications. So buying a standing fan or several pedestal fans makes total sense if you consider the many changing and evolving areas of a home that can benefit from better air circulation, whether cold or warm air.

Can I find stylish contemporary floor fans?

Absolutely, and that's the great benefit of the new floor fan options available. Designers and manufacturers are more conscious than ever of the visual potential of fans, and the range of contemporary tower fans on the market is ever growing and evolving. Inventive designs with imaginative finishes and a choice of colors and features are all part of the modern fan industry, in addition to technologically sophisticated designs, so don't fear having to give up style in favor of practicality.

Is there a room where a floor or tower fan is best suited?

Where you decide to place floor fans or a table fan or two is really a matter of personal taste, but, in general some fans are better suited to certain areas of the house than others—mostly because of space considerations. For instance, should you opt for a floor fan, think of it as a piece of furniture, and ensure that you have enough space around it to make the fan both visually appealing and practical. As with any piece of modern design, you want it to have the dual payoff of practicality and beauty. Even if you become besotted by a particular fan design, taking into consideration in which room it's going to reside is crucial to getting the most from your investment, both visually and practically.

What else should I know about modern pedestal fans?

As with all fans, Energy Star ratings, which speak to the fan's energy efficiency, are always key. So, whether you decide to install a table fan or modern tower fan, consider the dual benefit of fan technology, and opt for a design that has the Energy Star designation. Good design is not only design that looks good, but that doesn't infringe upon the world's resources unnecessarily.