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Modern Pendants

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Coral Pendant by David Trubridge
David Trubridge Coral Pendant from $410.00
Saucer Pendant by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Saucer Pendant from $395.00
Swell Single Pendant by Pablo
Pablo Swell Single Pendant from $259.00

Big Bang Pendant by Foscarini
Foscarini Big Bang Pendant from $1,243.00
Cielo One Light Pendant by Pablo
Pablo Cielo One Light Pendant from $310.00
FL/Y Suspension Lamp by Kartell
Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp from $315.00

Random LED Pendant by Moooi
Moooi Random LED Pendant from $1,082.00
Beat Fat Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Beat Fat Pendant $575.00
Link Pendant by LZF
LZF Link Pendant from $850.00

PH 5 Pendant by Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen PH 5 Pendant from $996.00
Caravaggio Pendant by Lightyears
Lightyears Caravaggio Pendant from $475.00
Saucer Crisscross Pendant by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Saucer Crisscross Pendant from $395.00

Stix Pendant by Sonneman
Sonneman Stix Pendant from $1,130.50 $1,330.00
Nut Pendant by LZF
LZF Nut Pendant $620.00
Ball Pendant by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Ball Pendant from $395.00

Discoco Pendant by Marset
Marset Discoco Pendant from $735.00
Beat Tall Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Beat Tall Pendant $575.00
Heracleum II Suspended Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Heracleum II Suspended Lamp from $2,920.00

Random Small Suspension Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Random Small Suspension Lamp from $629.00
Terho Pendant by Mater
Mater Terho Pendant from $390.00
Cigar Pendant by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Cigar Pendant from $395.00

Etch Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Etch Pendant $575.00
Beat Wide Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Beat Wide Pendant $575.00
Aplomb Halogen Pendant by Foscarini
Foscarini Aplomb Halogen Pendant from $696.00

Corona Rings Pendant by Sonneman
Sonneman Corona Rings Pendant from $977.50 $1,150.00
Mirror Ball Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Mirror Ball Pendant from $540.00
Floral Pendant by David Trubridge
David Trubridge Floral Pendant from $410.00

Caravaggio Matte Pendant by Lightyears
Lightyears Caravaggio Matte Pendant from $475.00
SoCo Pendant Light - Modern by TECH Lighting
TECH Lighting SoCo Pendant Light - Modern from $100.00
Dodo Pendant by Seed Design
Seed Design Dodo Pendant from $187.00 $220.00

Melt Mini Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Melt Mini Pendant $700.00
Egg Of Columbus Suspended Carton Lamp by Seletti
Seletti Egg Of Columbus Suspended Carton Lamp $50.00
Circa Pendant by Pablo
Pablo Circa Pendant from $425.00

Bloom New Pendant Lamp by Kartell
Kartell Bloom New Pendant Lamp from $430.00
IC Lights Pendant by FLOS
FLOS IC Lights Pendant from $695.00
Tube Top Pendant by Pablo
Pablo Tube Top Pendant from $230.00

Random Medium Suspension Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Random Medium Suspension Lamp from $1,170.00
Solitaire Pendant by Niche
Niche Solitaire Pendant from $625.00
Agatha Suspension Lamp by LZF
LZF Agatha Suspension Lamp from $1,790.00

Trace 3 Pendant by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Trace 3 Pendant $199.00
Gregg Pendant by Foscarini
Foscarini Gregg Pendant from $342.00
Bubbles Pendant by Sonneman
Sonneman Bubbles Pendant from $187.00 $220.00

Melt Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Melt Pendant $1,100.00
Hex Light Pendant by John Beck Steel
John Beck Steel Hex Light Pendant $400.00
Propeller Pendant by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Propeller Pendant $495.00

Stiletto Pendant by Sonneman
Sonneman Stiletto Pendant from $603.50 $710.00
Non Random Suspended Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Non Random Suspended Lamp from $709.00
Lumi - Mochi Hanging Lamp by Fabbian
Fabbian Lumi - Mochi Hanging Lamp from $511.00

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Whether grand or understated, lavish or minimal, modern pendant lighting designs are amongst the most popular contemporary ceiling lights for a very good reason. Much like jewelry, this aptly named category of modern ceiling lights always makes an eye-catching statement in the home, whether suspended above dining table, kitchen island, or entryway. If you’re in the market for pendant lighting, you’ll likely find such a vast array of options that narrowing things down will be a challenge. Consider the following key questions hen you find yourself in search of striking modern ceiling lights.

Why should I choose modern pendant lighting over other kinds of contemporary ceiling lights?

Modern ceiling lights of any kind offer the obvious advantage of taking up no valuable real estate in a home. Because they’re independent of a room’s floor space or surface area, contemporary ceiling lights, including pendant lighting, can be considered for their own merits, and for how well they complement a room’s other elements, without any thought to how much space is available in a room.

Beyond that very practical advantage, though, contemporary pendant lighting designs are simply great visual statements. Dramatically suspended in the air, they automatically draw the eye. With the advancement of technology and innovative material applications, contemporary ceiling lights are more versatile than ever, comprised of glass, metals, synthetic composites, and even concrete.

Finally, and maybe most relevant, is the fact that pendant lighting has the potential to emit the kind of nuanced lighting that enhances a room’s ambience immeasurably. Beautiful modern ceiling lights that emit beautiful lighting are a hard-to-resist combination.

Are there rooms in which contemporary pendant lighting looks better than others?

Even though, theoretically, contemporary pendant lighting can be installed in any room, there are some rooms and spaces in which they look particularly striking. A large pendant lighting model, or a grouping of smaller pendant lights, looks particularly dramatic over a flat surface, like a dining room table or kitchen island—mainly because horizontal surface areas act as nice visual counterpoints to the vertical line created by pendant lamps. No doubt, this is a primary reason that modern pendant lighting appears so often in kitchens and dining areas. That said, depending on the particular features of your living room, bedroom, and entryway, modern pendant lighting has the potential to be equally striking in almost any room in a house.

With modern pendant lighting, is size important?

As it is with any major design element in a room or space, scale is essential. Modern ceiling lights, including pendants, are more artful than ever today—making them particularly desirable. But scale—the size of contemporary pendant lighting in relation to other elements in the room, and the size of the room itself—has everything to do with how a space benefits from the chosen light fixture. Making sure that the pendant lighting you choose are not only ones that you love but also ones that are optimal for the room’s proportions, is as essential as almost any other feature of lighting design.