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Modern Teardrop Pendant Lights

Why are modern teardrop pendant lights so popular?

In the most immaculately-decorated and sophisticated contemporary homes, teardrop pendant lights are a common choice. Loved by discerning homeowners and interior designers alike, pendant lighting is as functional as it is elegant. Teardrop-shaped fixtures make an unmissable, eye-catching statement. They can be used as accent, ambient, or task lighting, making them an incredibly versatile option. At 2Modern, you’ll discover a gorgeous variety of teardrop pendants. We offer teardrop-shaped lights in every color, style, material, and size - all you have to do is decide on the design that speaks to your own unmatched design preferences.

How can I choose the perfect contemporary teardrop pendant light?

Color is a key feature when it comes to interior design, and teardrop pendants are no exception. Take a look around your home and make note of the colors that bring you the most inspiration. Are there any colors you’d like to incorporate, or any that you feel don’t belong? Narrowing your search to one color (or even a handful of hues) can help sharpen your focus. Use a black fixture to bring an industrial ambiance to the space. Use a metallic gold or silver teardrop pendant light to combine traditional elegance with modern charm. Make an impactful choice with a bold shade of red or blue, or play up the clean and tailored look of your home with a white fixture. Gray brings a cool, neutral touch to any space, while beige adds nature-inspired warmth.

Another important consideration is the material of your modern teardrop pendant lights. Each material creates a different look and feel. Glass teardrop pendants marry classic décor with contemporary design. Metal can take on an industrial look, or it can help you create a mid-century modern atmosphere. Crystal designs invite glamorous sparkle, while wood elements bring an undeniable touch of warm, welcoming farmhouse flair to your space.

Finally, determine how many pendants your room requires. If you’re hoping to illuminate a seating area in a unique way, try grouping 3 teardrop pendant lights together. For a more simple approach, just use 1 pendant. If you have a very expansive kitchen island and your heart is set on a small teardrop pendant light, you may need 5 fixtures to complete the look.

When using pendant lighting over a kitchen island or dining table, you’ll likely want to use multiple pendant lights for proper ambient lighting. To decide how many lights you’ll need over your table or island, just follow these steps:

  1. Measure your island or table and take note of the length.
  2. Subtract 6 inches on either side (one foot total) from the total length of your island or table.
  3. Divide this number by the size of the pendant you love. This will give you a general idea of the number of pendants that will fit above your island.
  4. Alternatively, you could divide the length (minus a foot) by the number of pendants you think would look best. The resulting number will tell you how large your pendants should be. This is a particularly useful tool if you aren’t quite sure which pendant you like best.
  5. For more tips on choosing the right pendant lights, be sure to take a look at our 4-step how-to for picking kitchen lighting.

Incorporate modern teardrop pendant lights into every room of your home

Offering practicality and refinement, teardrop pendants are a well-appointed choice for your carefully curated contemporary home. Whether you prefer industrial designs, farmhouse style, traditional sophistication, modern luxury, or another design style altogether, 2Modern has the perfect light for each and every part of your home. Choose from top brands like Mitzi, Bover, Troy Lighting, Generation Lighting, Original BTC, and more. Teardrop pendants are a surprisingly artistic way to elevate the style in your favorite spaces.