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Modern Globe Pendants

Peruse our wide selection of modern globe pendants by &Tradition, Almerich, Currey and Company, and SEED Design among other lighting brands, in various colors and finishes including glass, brass, and wood.

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Choose A Globe Pendant Light To Add Sophisticated Illumination To Any Space

Globe pendant lighting is an efficient, yet artistic way to enhance the modern charm and functionality of your home. Suspended from the ceiling, globe pendants draw the eye upward as they brighten any space that needs a little extra visibility. 2Modern has an unbeatable contemporary selection of globe pendant lights. With chic designs from top brands, you’re sure to find the lighting solution that works best in your home.

How To Decide On The Best Globe Pendant Lighting

Your first consideration when choosing a globe pendant light should be the size of the fixture. In some cases, globe pendants are used to provide task lighting over an otherwise poorly-lit kitchen island, reading nook, or other area. In other cases, they’re simply installed to add a decorative touch to the space, and lighting is not necessarily the primary goal. Think about your lighting needs and determine whether or not a small globe can accommodate your needs. Perhaps a large globe pendant is the best option for your space. The number of bulbs in the fixture is also an important consideration. Multiple bulbs, of course, will provide better lighting than a single bulb. Choose lights that make a stylish statement in your home without overwhelming the room or becoming lost within it.

Another decision you’ll want to make is the material you’d prefer in a modern globe pendant light. Glass combines a timeless, tailored look with contemporary charm for a one-of-a-kind, luxe look. Choose a crystal globe for unbeatable sparkle and dimension. Wood globe pendants add a natural, ambient glow. Metal brings industrial illumination to your home. Carefully selecting the material that works best in your space will lead to lighting that you’ll love for years to come.

Finally, you’ll want to think about the color that makes the most sense for your globe pendant lighting. Choose a silver-toned chrome design or a brass-inspired gold fixture to add a stunning, artistic, metallic touch to your ceiling. Use a clear light for modern ambiance. Opt for white lighting for a clean, straightforward look, and allow the shape and design of your fixture to speak for itself. Go for a black fixture to add sleek, rich sophistication to any space. Make a bold choice with a pop of color. Choose from blue, red, green, yellow, and more. Whatever the color, your globe pendant lighting will provide much-needed lighting and add a decorative touch to your space.

Use Globe Pendant Lighting To Make A Modern Statement In Your Home

From conversational designs to the timeless and traditional, 2Modern offers a carefully-curated collection of pendant lights. One of the most popular designs is the Somerset Pendant by Hinkley. This undeniably modern and completely unique fixture comes in black, nickel, bronze, or brass, which means that you can incorporate this contemporary design into any space. The Moooi Random Pendant Light II comes in black and white. This well-loved fixture is an eye-catching and well-appointed solution to your lighting needs. Take a look at the Coral Pendant by David Trubridge. Equal parts geometric and modern, this light is a dream come true. It comes in a number of finishes and sizes, making it a customizable option that’s sure to take your home design to a whole new level. The Tom Dixon Mirror Ball pendant comes in a reflective gold or chrome finish. Together with a color block-style clear bottom, this metallic design makes a stunning statement. IC Lights by FLOS are as artistic as they are useful. With a sphere suspended from a bent arm in your choice of color, this pendant is as attractive as your finest piece of artwork.

Whatever the room, a globe pendant light is sure to make a functional and stylish addition. Whether you’re installing them over your kitchen island, using them as modern illumination over your nightstands, placing them in a corner to create a well-defined reading nook, or using them in another unique way, globe pendants are a chic, contemporary choice.