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Modern Planters

Our selection of modern planters encompasses a range of inspiring designs from respected brands, like Ferm Living, Vondom, and Loll Designsand includes an eclectic collection of vessels for your favorite flowers and greenery.

Any outdoor space—patio, balcony, deck—is an ideal setting for container gardening, and modern planters are a stylish solution, especially when in-ground planting is not possible. For modern design lovers, finding the right style of contemporary planters is easier than ever, given the wide range of clean and elegant modern planter designs now available. If you’re considering adding modern planters to your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to investigate all your options, and to do so by asking yourself the following questions:

How much space do I have for modern outdoor planters?

This is important only because it’ll help you more easily decide on the number and size of the modern pots you need. It’s easy to be taken in by the variety of handsome contemporary planters on the market, but being judicious about the use of your outdoor space is the best way to find the proper size and number of contemporary outdoor planters that will enhance your outdoor space, while also making it a practical and useful place from which to enjoy the warmer weather. Once you understand how much space you have available for container gardening, you selection of modern outdoor planters will naturally narrow.

Which material is best for modern planters?

There are a number of excellent materials being applied to modern planter design, each adding both visual flair and practicality to your gardening needs. The major driver of the material you choose should be size and durability. If you’re in the market for fairly large contemporary outdoor planters, you’ll want to be mindful of choosing a material that’s not going to make moving the planters around, if needed, unnecessarily difficult. So, for instance, it may not be the most practical thing to buy huge modern outdoor planters that are made from a material like concrete, or even ceramic, given the obvious limitations to the material’s weight. For larger planters, plastic or another lightweight synthetic material may be the best option.

Secondly, be mindful of how exposed to the elements your modern pots will be. You’ll want to investigate the materials that wear well under all sorts of weather conditions, especially blinding sunlight or unexpected cold spells. Fading of color, cracking, or just a general wearing out of the planter material over the course of a season or many seasons are all things to keep in mind when selecting a modern planter. Modern design that takes into consideration longevity as well as style and practicality is what you should be aiming for. Remember that throwaway purchases are unwise both financially and environmentally.

Should I look for indoor/outdoor modern planters?

The beauty of many contemporary planters is that they’re visually striking and refined enough to be mistaken for modern indoor planters as much as outdoor planters. Today’s modern planters aren’t ones that necessarily scream ‘outdoors,’ owing to materials that may just as easily be applied to any design object. So, yes, if you have the option, by all means aim for modern outdoor planters that can be brought indoors when the season turns cooler, and seamlessly segue into modern indoor planters. Versatility is always a good feature in any modern design item, so should you have a choice, it’s always a smart idea to choose modern planters that do the job year-round, not just when the weather warms up.