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20 Contemporary Table Lamps

Whether used as bedside lamp, task lamp, or entryway light, these designs make illuminating additions to almost any room and interior scheme.

How To Layer Light

A beautifully lit room demands more than one light source. Learn to layer lighting in tandem with a room's various functions.

Use modern lighting to set the tone throughout your entire home.

If there’s one thing every house has in common, it’s lighting. Lighting is an essential part of any home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning! Modern lighting is a breathtaking way to upgrade each room in your home. Whether you’re ready to update all the lighting in your home or you’re taking a room-by-room approach, 2Modern has the styles, types, and brands to make each space uniquely upscale. Your modern light fixtures should be equal parts functional and fashionable. From ceiling and wall lights to floor and table lamps, you’ll find designs and pieces that speak to you.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the foundation of every space, providing the visibility and functionality that each room depends upon. Choosing the right modern light fixtures for your home is important. You may opt to install a ceiling fan to combine lighting with a cool, much-needed breeze. A modern chandelier can make an unbeatable, grand statement in your entryway, dining room, or even a bedroom or living room. Contemporary pendants can shed the perfect amount of light over your kitchen island, reading nook, or other area. Modern flush-mount and semi-flush mount lights are practical options because they can be installed anywhere. Wall lighting and sconces can add a finishing touch in the form of useful and unique design. Recessed ceiling lighting ensures that each room is well-lit and well-appointed. From mid-century modern to Scandinavian and every style in between, 2Modern has the best selection of modern ambient lighting you’ll find anywhere.

Task Lighting

Lamps add a decorative and sensible design element to any room in your home. Select a modern or farmhouse-style floor lamp to illuminate a corner or compensate for inadequate lighting in your space. Choose an industrial or contemporary table lamp to help you focus on the task at hand. Modern table lamps are the ideal addition to a nightstand, desk, or accent table. Whatever the place or the purpose, 2Modern has a lamp to light the way.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can provide additional lighting in dim areas or increase visibility in any room. Whether you’re searching for a modern picture light, an industrial spotlight, track lighting, monorail lighting, or a farmhouse step light, 2Modern has an accent light to meet your specific needs. Accent lighting elevates the function and reimagines the design in every space.

Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor living space should be a welcoming and comfortable place, and it should be well-lit at all hours of the day. Modern outdoor lighting helps you capitalize on every inch of your patio, pergola, or yard. Use mid-century modern outdoor wall lights to illuminate the perimeter of your home. Install an outdoor chandelier or pendant to bring farmhouse-style to your covered porch or patio. Use contemporary landscape lighting to carve a well-lit path through your property. Light the way on your porch with a Scandinavian flush-mount light. Incorporate contemporary outdoor table lamps to highlight your meal, your book, or your guests. With our selection of outdoor lighting, you’re sure to find yourself spending more time enjoying your open air living space.

Chic Modern Lighting on a Budget

No matter your budget, 2Modern is ready with a wide selection of lighting designs to suit your needs. Our collection of pendants under $499 features a variety of designs from mid-century modern and Scandinavian, to coastal and farmhouse – all eye-catching and well-priced, perfect for a full-blown building project or quick renovation update. For a welcomed tabletop accent or bedside brightener, our collection of table lamps under $499 features sleek, chic, colorful, and unique designs to bring timeless style to your home without breaking the bank. With a comprehensive, yet curated selection to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal lighting design to suit your style preference while ensuring you stay on budget.

Illuminate your home with a collection of modern lighting.

When you use modern lights to enhance the functionality and feng shui of your home, you’ll be stunned at the difference new fixtures can make. No matter your style and preferences, bringing your ideas to 2Modern is the first step toward designing a well-lit and well-edited home. If you’re searching for more help in creating a perfectly-lit space, be sure to view our how-to guide.

Curate a cohesive environment by coordinating your fixtures, or go for an eclectic, layered look to put your one-of-a-kind tastes on display. Come to 2Modern for striking, modern designs by trusted top brands.