Modern Cabinets & Sideboards


What is a sideboard?

A sideboard is a piece of furniture that is commonly used in the dining room. Sideboards have a large, flat surface with plenty of storage in a cabinet below. They are the perfect complement to buffet-style meals, and they are excellent for storing table linens, holiday dishes, serveware, and so much more. With a long design and a low profile, sideboards are right at home in your modern dining room.

What is the difference between a sideboard, buffet, and credenza?

The terms “sideboard” and “buffet” are often used interchangeably. While the differences might vary depending on personal opinion, the general idea is that sideboards feature cabinets that extend down to the floor. They could also have a hutch on top. Credenzas do not typically have these features. Buffets may have high legs, while sideboards often don’t. No matter what you call it, a modern sideboard or buffet is the perfect addition to your dining furniture.

How to choose the perfect sideboard?


  • Use a mid-century modern sideboard buffet to reimagine your retro tastes. Whether you choose to play up the textures or the colors (or both) associated with mid-century designs, your new sideboard will make an unmissable addition to your contemporary space.
  • Incorporate a farmhouse-style buffet into your dining room to create an inviting, warm atmosphere.
  • Curate a minimalist modern dining area with a Scandinavian sideboard. Danish designs evoke simplicity and style.


  • Use a wooden sideboard to combine the timeless texture and durability of wood with a completely contemporary design.
  • Make an ultra-modern choice with an acrylic buffet. Acrylic is a unique and incredibly popular material that often offers a glossy, glass-like finish. Acrylic sideboards also come in interesting, eye-catching shapes and colors, adding an artistic component to your space.
  • Opt for a design that incorporates metal elements to add a touch of industrial charm.


  • Opt for neutral, earthy browns to increase the depth and warmth of your room. Brown tones are easy to pair with tables, chairs, and decor of any color and style.
  • Choose a multi-color sideboard to make a bold statement. Whether it’s a colorblocked design, a whimsical pattern, or a more subtle splash of two-tone contrast, colorful buffets can redefine the entire mood of your space.
  • Use a white sideboard buffet to bring a clean, chic touch to your dining room. White designs tend to highlight the shape and style of the piece in an unbeatable way.
  • Go for a gray buffet for its subdued and stylish tone. Gray is easy to coordinate with any color scheme, and it complements a variety of decor.
  • Select a black design for a sleek, modern, high-contrast look. Black is a bold and contemporary choice.
  • Incorporate a blue or green sideboard into your room to invite color and interest. By adding a hint of color to your space, you can create contrast and excitement in a unique way.

How do I incorporate a sideboard into my dining space?

After you’ve decided on the color, size, material, and style that works best for your dining room and suits your tastes, you’ll want to put some thought into decorating your new modern sideboard. If your new buffet features glass doors or open shelving, styling the shelves will have an impressive impact on your room. Even if you’re just decorating the top of your sideboard, you’ll want to carefully select each piece to design a textured, layered, cohesive look.

First, think about the artwork you’ll be displaying above your sideboard. If you select a “busy” piece of artwork or curate an eclectic gallery wall, you’ll want to take that into consideration when decorating the top of your buffet. If you opt for simple wall decor, you might want to play up the decor on your sideboard.

Next, decide on a theme. Do you want to stick with a mid-century modern or farmhouse style? Would you like to mix and match styles by combining traditional pieces with your modern sideboard? Having a theme in mind will help you in selecting decor.

When decorating your buffet, you’ll want to create symmetry without making each side a mirror image of the other. An eclectic look is most interesting to the eye. Try to incorporate pieces with varying heights, shapes, and colors. If you’re unsure what to add, take inspiration from our collection of home decor. Mirrors can add dimension and depth, picture frames bring a personal touch, lamps add function and style, and a vase or planter is a great way to bring a hint of nature to the space. Rearrange your pieces until you find a balance that appeals to you. In interior design, groups of three are recommended. You’ll want to strike a balance that makes a well-appointed statement without overwhelming your buffet or your room.

With modern sideboards from incredible brands like Copeland Furniture, Saloom Furniture, Iannone Design, Gus, Cappellini, BDI, Blu Dot, Bernhardt, and so many others, you’ll find the perfect buffet to suit your space and your specific style.