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First Impressions: 5 Attention-Getting Entryway Ideas

How To

Making a grand entrance is a breeze when you focus on a few key elements.

1. Start with a splashy coat rack.

Freestanding and space saving, a modern coat rack is one of the most essential elements in a well-styled entryway. If space is at a premium, coat hooks are a fine substitute. Whichever the preference, coat storage is where it all begins, so make it count. Go ahead and spring for a head-turner, like the Blu Dot Splash Coat Rack, a statuesque beauty in any of 7 colors, or the Artek 160 Clothes Tree, above, its elegant, solid birch body showing off its Scandinavian roots. The Mategot Coat Rack from GUBI and the Afteroom Coat Hanger from MENU, compact and steely, make—yes—off-the-hook entryway additions.

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2. Make room for a bench.

If you've got the room, a bench—especially a storage bench—is the perfect seating option for an entryway, with sitting space for more than one to lace up shoes, and slip on boots. The versatile Gus* Mimico Storage Ottoman goes the extra mile with an upholstered seat that lifts up to reveal lots of room for hats, mittens, and other sundries, while the LAX Storage Bench by MASH Studios, features an upholstered seat, along with convenient shelves for keeping your favorite footwear on hand. The Gus* Carlaw Bench, above, with its leather seat and solid walnut tray, is a welcoming addition to any entryway.

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3. Splurge on a glam mirror.

For an instant luxe touch—and a final look before heading out the door—nothing beats an eye-catching entryway mirror. We especially like round mirrors that contrast nicely with horizontal storage pieces or vertical coat stands, but the Norm Oval Mirror from MENU offers subtle curves, pitch-perfect for those full-length once-overs. The GUBI Randaccio Round Mirror, above, edged in gleaming brass, injects some old-world glamour, while Varaluz Casa's Wine Country Circular Mirror, fashioned from concentric circles of hefty reclaimed wood, will make visitors look twice.

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4. Squeeze in a skinny console table.

The skinny on slender console tables is that they're tailor-made for entryways. A sliver of space makes surface room for keys, purses and other miscellanea—while setting the scene beautifully for a swank entryway mirror. At just 15.5 inches deep, the Blu Dot Minimalista Console Table accurately lives up to its name, as does the equally svelte Strut Console Table. For a more luxurious opening statement, there's Arteriors' Gastone Console, above, all antiqued brass and glass; the lean and handsome Copeland Essentials Sofa Table, crafted from solid wood, is American-made and Mid Century-influenced.

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5. Don't forget the floor.

Whether area rug or floor mat, entryway floor covering offers an all-important segue from life's messier elements—rain, slush, snow, dirt—to the warmth and cleanliness of a sheltered space. An indoor/outdoor area rug, doormat or runner is the way to go, owing to both their durability and practicality. Being easy on the eye doesn't hurt, either. The elegant Even Stripe Shag Rug, above, and the color-laden Bold Stripe Mat, both from Chilewich, are visually appealing and practically indestructible. Surya runners, like the indoor/outdoor Marina Runner, is as much graphic statement as functional floor covering.

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