Outdoor Floor Lamps

54 Results
Small Balad Lamp by Fermob
Fermob Small Balad Lamp $122.00
Balad Large Lamp by Fermob
Fermob Balad Large Lamp $260.00
Bubbles Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Bubbles Lamp from $188.00 $235.00

Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp by Foscarini
Foscarini Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp from $998.00
Illuminated Vases Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Vases Lamp from $235.00
Santorini 1 Light Outdoor Lamp by Marset
Marset Santorini 1 Light Outdoor Lamp from $471.00

Gregg Outdoor Floor Light by Foscarini
Foscarini Gregg Outdoor Floor Light from $413.00
Illuminated Vases Floor Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Vases Floor Lamp from $545.00

Illuminated Vela Cube Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Vela Cube Lamp from $468.00 $585.00
Illuminated Kubik Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Kubik Lamp from $216.00 $270.00

Marquis Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Marquis Lamp from $284.00 $355.00
Amax Outdoor Floor Lamp by FontanaArte
FontanaArte Amax Outdoor Floor Lamp from $6,853.00

Break Outdoor Light by VIBIA
VIBIA Break Outdoor Light $2,690.00
Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp by Marset
Marset Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp from $1,826.00

Fora Floor Lamp by Bover
Bover Fora Floor Lamp $2,520.00

TXL Floor Lamp by Marset
Marset TXL Floor Lamp from $2,973.00
Wind Floor Lamp by VIBIA
VIBIA Wind Floor Lamp $4,090.00

Amphora 02 Floor Lamp by Bover
Bover Amphora 02 Floor Lamp $3,373.00
Best Seller
Amphora 03 Floor Lamp by Bover
Bover Amphora 03 Floor Lamp $4,148.00
Best Seller
Beluga Alu Floor Lamp by Fabbian
Fabbian Beluga Alu Floor Lamp from $1,015.00

Beach Outdoor Floor Lamp by Lights Up
Lights Up Beach Outdoor Floor Lamp $954.00
Amphora 01 Floor Lamp by Bover
Bover Amphora 01 Floor Lamp $2,304.00
Best Seller

Cuneo Outdoor Wall or Floor Light by Artemide
Artemide Cuneo Outdoor Wall or Floor Light $695.00
Tolomeo XXL Outdoor Floor Lamp by Artemide
Artemide Tolomeo XXL Outdoor Floor Lamp from $12,585.00

Just as furniture and modern décor are essential to composing outdoor spaces that are both engaging and comfortable, outdoor lighting is just as essential. Today, outdoor lighting is no longer limited to lanterns and sconces, but, rather, encompasses a range of styles more commensurate with indoor lighting. Outdoor floor lamps, for instance, are becoming an increasingly popular modern outdoor lighting option, and a way to create outdoor spaces that are a true extension of a home’s interior.

Why choose outdoor floor lamps over other types of outdoor lighting?

As it does indoors, an outdoor floor lamp has a its own particular appeal. During the warm months, whether entertaining or just enjoying your outdoor space, the outdoors become as important to daily life as the indoors, and wanting to transform that space into a seamless part of your interior spaces makes sense both practically and esthetically. Modern outdoor lighting helps create such a space, and floor lamps, in particular, owing to their size and stature, can be instrumental in turning an outside area into a full-fledged outdoor room.

What’s the best place for an outdoor floor lamp?

Floor lamps are ideal contemporary outdoor lighting option for finished outdoor areas—namely decks, paved patios, or poolside—where the surface area is stable enough for accommodating a floor lamp, and the space has been composed similarly to an indoor room. Visually, outdoor floor lamps lend a patio or deck the kind of fully designed look that used to be reserved for indoor spaces only. Designed with all the thoughtful elements typically found in indoor floor lamps, outdoor floor lamps have the potential to make outdoor spaces as complete and visually compelling as any place inside your home.

Are outdoor floor lamps too big for a small space?

Not necessarily. An outdoor floor lamp doesn’t have to mean an outsized, lanky model. Amongst outdoor lamp options are floor models that are lower to the ground, for instance, but substantial enough to provide enough illumination to a small space, without dominating an area or taking up too much space. The key when choosing modern outdoor lighting is to settle on the design and esthetic that makes sense for the size of your outdoor space, and exploring the possibilities, whether floor lamps or any other type of outdoor lamp—rather than eliminating a particular style as an option.

Where is an outdoor floor lamp not appropriate?

Appealing as floor lamps are, bear in mind that the most important aspect of modern outdoor lighting, in general, is safety. Outdoor floor lamps require an outdoor power supply and specific installation requirements to ensure that the lamps are safe to use either in partially or fully exposed areas. Watertight cable boxes, weather resistant materials, and other safety components are essential to installing any contemporary outdoor lighting correctly, so before you decide on an outdoor floor lamp, make sure that your outdoor areas are equipped for the specific safety requirements of your lamp or lamps.