A Delicate Balance: 15 Modern Arched Floor Lamps

Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp

To understand the lasting appeal of arched floor lamps—an innovative design that morphs floor lamp into overhead light—one has to simply look at Twiggy, Surely one of the most dramatically beautiful lamps of the last few decades, the Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp casts a beguiling silhouette, thanks to an impossibly slender, flexible stem that forms a wide arc across space, mirroring the profile of a fishing rod across water. Dispersing both direct and nuanced illumination, and available in both LED and incandescent versions, Twiggy's barely-there body and exquisite balance are made possible by an expertly calibrated system of counterweights. When searching for the skinny on modern arc lamps, look no further than Twiggy. 


FLOS Arco Lamp

A masterwork of Italian industrial design, the FLOS Arco Lamp remains the undisputed benchmark of modern arc lamps. This 1962 innovation by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni is a composition of such sculptural elegance, its ubiquitous presence in sophisticated contemporary interiors is a given. The Castiglioni brothers looked to lamp post illumination for inspiration, creating simultaneously a floor lamp capable of casting light a great distance from its base, and an overhead lamp that required no wiring and permanent placement. More than half a century from its introduction, the Arco Lamp's timeless composition—solid Carrara marble base, stainless steel telescopic arc, and gleaming round aluminum shade—remains, a modern lighting design for the ages.


Estiluz Pluma Floor Lamp

Designer Estudi Ribaudí wanted to create modern arched floor lamps that would be 'familiar, yet surprising at the same time,' and manages the feat beautifully with the Estiluz Pluma Floor Lamp. A contemporary floor lamp with the gracefully minimal silhouette intrinsic to arc-shaped lamps, Pluma reflects its Nordic influence with a pure metal-and-plastic composition of restraint and balance—and a flexible arc that extends its reach from 5 1/2 feet to more than 7 feet, making it a suitable for a range of illuminating needs. Pluma's shade, a gently-shaped dome, is supported by a single metal point, appearing to be precariously balanced, while the shade turns inward towards the lamp's stem—a subtle twist that fulfills the designers' desire for something both 'familiar, yet surprising.'