Modern Changing Tables

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Modern Changing Tables

As any new parent knows, a changing table is an essential piece of furniture in the nursery, and selecting the best modern changing table design for your nursery doesn't have to be a daunting task. While there's a wide range of changing table designs available, stay focused on a few fundamental features to arrive at an ideal changing table for your little one.

Safety & Quality is most important in a changing table.

As with all modern baby furniture, safety is the primary feature to look for in a changing table. Changing tables are typically elevated, so the proper protective railing around the changing table is an imperative feature. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a railing be at least 2 inches high, on all sides, so do make sure that the changing table you select adheres to those guidelines, at the very least.

Quality, of course counts a great deal when it comes to any baby decor in the modern nursery. A modern changing table that's cheaply made and unsteady in any way is a hazard. Make sure that, irrespective of your budget, you select a changing table that is sturdy and smartly designed to accommodate as effortless a changing routine as possible. This doesn't mean spending thousands of dollars, necessarily, but it does mean examining every changing table option carefully before settling on a final purchase.

Versatility is key with all modern baby furniture.

Most changing tables feature two basic designs: changing tables which include open shelving or a storage area for diapers and other handy essentials; and those that are dresser/changing table combinations. Depending on the size of your modern nursery, the other baby furniture you've selected, or your personal décor preferences, one design might be more suited to your needs than the other. Either way, it's important that there's an element of versatility to your changing table because, after all, babies don't stay babies for very long. Modern changing table designs that transition from a dresser/changing table to a dresser for a toddler's or child's room, for instance, is one way to maximize your modern baby furniture budget.

Beauty is important with all baby decor.

No one can be faulted for wanting to create a beautiful modern nursery, so choosing any kind of baby décor based on esthetics is natural. Today's selection of baby furniture includes visually appealing, sustainable, and innovative designs, so go ahead and look for a changing table that's simply a gorgeous, beautifully constructed design piece. After all, changing diapers might be the least pleasant part of having a newborn, so if a smartly designed modern changing table enhances the experience in any way, seize the opportunity.

While the safety and integrity of any piece of modern baby furniture is paramount, safety and good looks are not mutually exclusive features. As with all baby decor, a modern changing table is an integral part of the overall ambience of a baby nursery, so choosing with safety, versatility, and beauty as guidelines is nothing but a winning proposition.