Modern Storage Accessories

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2D3D Coat Rack
Blu Dot 2D3D Coat Rack $119.00
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2D3D In/Out Box
Blu Dot 2D3D In/Out Box $69.00
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2D3D Letter Holder
Blu Dot 2D3D Letter Holder $39.00
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2D3D Wall Magazine Rack
Blu Dot 2D3D Wall Magazine Rack $119.00
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AERO 101 Record Storage Cabinet
Symbol Audio AERO 101 Record Storage Cabinet from $2,195.00
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AERO 200 Record Storage Cabinet
Symbol Audio AERO 200 Record Storage Cabinet from $2,995.00
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AERO 300 Record Storage Cabinet
Symbol Audio AERO 300 Record Storage Cabinet from $4,195.00
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AERO 400 Record Storage Cabinet
Symbol Audio AERO 400 Record Storage Cabinet from $5,395.00
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AERO Media Cabinet 300
Symbol Audio AERO Media Cabinet 300 from $3,495.00
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Afteroom Coat Hanger
Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger $99.95
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Aixo Mateix Coat Hanger
FontanaArte Aixo Mateix Coat Hanger $320.00
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Akto Adhesive Tape Dispenser
Blomus Akto Adhesive Tape Dispenser $61.19
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Akto Desk Pad
Blomus Akto Desk Pad $83.69
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Akto Filing Tray
Blomus Akto Filing Tray $73.79
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Akto Magnetic Holder
Blomus Akto Magnetic Holder $22.49
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Akto Notepaper Holder
Blomus Akto Notepaper Holder $35.99
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Akto Pen Holder
Blomus Akto Pen Holder $22.49
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Akto Stapler
Blomus Akto Stapler $64.79
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Alta Tensione Coat Rack
Kartell Alta Tensione Coat Rack $450.00
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Animal Hooks
Ferm Living Animal Hooks $30.00
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Arrow Basket
Ferm Living Arrow Basket $44.00
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Assemblage Lacquered Modules (Set 10 Modules)
Seletti Assemblage Lacquered Modules (Set 10 Modules) $945.00
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Balancing Blocks
Areaware Balancing Blocks $48.00
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Bank in the Form of a Pig
Areaware Bank in the Form of a Pig from $150.00
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Bestow Hand Hook
Areaware Bestow Hand Hook $75.00
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Billy Basket
Ferm Living Billy Basket from $45.00
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Booksee Shelf Set
Ubabub Booksee Shelf Set $199.00
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Brass Cup
Ferm Living Brass Cup $39.00
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Brass Hook (Set of 2)
Ferm Living Brass Hook (Set of 2) $49.00
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Brass Pencil Holder
Ferm Living Brass Pencil Holder $125.00
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Brass Semicircle Stand
Ferm Living Brass Semicircle Stand $125.00
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Brass Triangle Stand
Ferm Living Brass Triangle Stand $54.00
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Brass Wall Square
Ferm Living Brass Wall Square $105.00
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C'Mere Hand Hook
Areaware C'Mere Hand Hook $75.00
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Casa Large Solid Waste Bin
Blomus Casa Large Solid Waste Bin $165.59
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Casa Small Solid Waste Bin
Blomus Casa Small Solid Waste Bin $154.79
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Today’s choices in modern storage accessories are vast and varied, but it’s easy to become enamored of beautiful contemporary storage options that ultimately offer little practical value. Whether you’re in the market for office organization, a modern coat rack, or storage for your media collection, selecting storage accessories with care will payoff, both financially and esthetically. As mentioned before, storage design, no matter how small in scale, should be an integral part of your home’s overall scheme, just as large-scale modern storage pieces are. When shopping for storage accessories, keep these key considerations in mind:

With modern storage accents, size-to-impact ratio is important

Storage accessories, by and large, are small in scale, but that doesn’t translate into small in terms of practicality. When shopping for a modern coat rack, for instance, think about its footprint in relation to practicality. A narrow modern coat rack with inventively devised hooks that hold coats, as well as scarves and bags, for instance, is a much better value for the volume of space it occupies. Weigh that against a showy piece that makes an artistic statement, but doesn’t fulfill your practical needs as well as it could.

Assess your modern storage needs correctly

It’s easy to fall for all the fancy storage devices out there, but be realistic about what you really need and avoid buying items that ultimately have to be discarded or replaced. If your collection of LPs is not that large, perhaps a modest vinyl record storage piece that still holds an impressive number of LPs, with some room to grow, is a better option than too-ambitious modern LP storage that ultimately never gets fully used. Conversely, if your modern office design calls for a stylish magazine holder, avoid buying a pretty magazine rack that’s simply too small to accommodate your collection of magazines. As with all modern design, the best modern storage accessories should fit your storage needs, not force you to retrofit your needs to any existing design.

Go ahead and have fun with modern storage accessories

The best part about having a wide choice of modern storage accessories is the range of creative storage solutions out there. Good design is functional but also beautiful, so take risks with the kind of designs you select for your storage needs, whether its streamlined vinyl record storage or colorful contemporary coat rack.

Needing a modern coat rack or coat hooks, especially, presents an opportunity to invest in innovative and imaginative contemporary design, with standards shapes and materials no longer a given. When chosen with care and intelligence, your modern storage accessories don’t have to be afterthoughts to the overall design of your home, but rather vital elements in a thoughtfully composed, inspiring modern space.