Modern Media Consoles & TV Stands

Top 12 Entertainment Console Ideas for Primetime Viewing

Whether you are looking forward to the big game or counting down the days until awards season, ensuring your entertainment space is both stylish and functional is a must. We’ve put together our top 12 media console ideas for making the most of the great indoors.

Create A Modern Entertainment Center In 5 Easy Steps

Whether you're binge-watching Breaking Bad or cooling off to Coltrane, enhance your downtime with a modern entertainment center that's music to your ears—and easy on the eyes.

Display Your Electronics and Home Devices in Style

Media devices, more specifically, TVs, Blu Rays and sound equipment, add great value to our home life, but displaying them in a way that's both practical and attractive is always a challenge. Thankfully, a handsome and well-designed modern media console can solve several media display and storage problems efficiently—and may be able to do it with great style as well. Look for options that suit your space in both size and aesthetics and then look for the best storage potential. At 2Modern, many of our contemporary media consoles offer multiple drawers, open shelves, and storage doors to keep electronics, media, and favorite accessories or decor out of sight for a space that is clean and clutter free.

How Modern Media Consoles Can Accentuate Your Room

Without a doubt the most important thing when buying a modern TV console or cabinet is functionality. There's no shortage of beautiful and stylish media cabinets on the market, but the primary purpose of modern TV stands is to display your TV and other media devices attractively, and to corral related material—DVDs, CDs, channel changers and wires. Make sure that the modern media console you select fulfills these purposes by selecting a unit that contains enough storage space to hold your collection of media and their various related devices, and has subtle storage elements that keep cables and wires out of sight and out of mind. Pulling double duty as both a storage and visual design piece, modern media consoles are available in a wide range of finish options and materials to best suit your space and complement your existing furniture.

Choosing Which Modern Media Cabinet Is Right For You

Deciding which modern media cabinet is right for you will be based on two things: the size of your TV, and the size of the room in which it will reside—but, as with all furniture, be mindful of its scale in relation to the rest of the furnishings in the room. While it might be tempting to buy the biggest, most spacious modern TV stand, an oversized console that dominates a room both visually and literally will look inelegant no matter how beautiful. So, more than anything, the size of your modern TV console should work in harmony with the rest of the room's furniture and objects. Secondly, the overall aesthetic of your TV console should blend with your surrounding furniture so that it is not the main focal point in your space. For a simple, minimalist space, a solid wood design with drawers and open shelving is best, while a neutral finish does wonders in a mid-century modern or Scandinavian space. Bold color options or unusual materials are certainly available and can work well in contemporary or art deco interiors in need of bold, eye-catching flair.

What Else to Consider When Buying a Modern Media Console?

Besides the obvious aesthetics and storage possibilities for your blu rays, records, and teen’s gaming systems, there are safety and performance factors to consider for your media consoles as well. If you live in a part of the country where earthquakes are frequent, having a console with an anti-tip system is key. For those looking to keep a ton of electronics or systems in their media console, ventilation solutions, like louvered or slatted doors are a must to ensure your electronics are properly cooled and able to function without any issue.

Modern Media Console & TV Stand FAQs

  • How Big Should a Modern TV Console Be?

A good rule of thumb is to purchase a modern TV console that is at least six inches wider than the width of your TV. This allows for a balanced look within your space with room for decor on either side. The standard TV size is 32 inches, so a console with a width of 38 to 44 inches would do the trick.

  • What Should I Avoid When Buying a Modern Media Console?

Think of your modern TV cabinet as a complement to your surrounding furniture, and avoid buying something that completely contrasts with your overall design sensibilities, and stands out as being too big or too small. Ideally, modern TV stands should seamlessly blend into a room as part of your furniture ensemble. Pay attention to both size and practicality along with good looks. A bigger modern TV console doesn't necessarily mean more storage space, so carefully examine how efficiently and smartly it's been designed.

  • What's the Best Placement for a Modern TV Stand?

Unless you have a designated home theater or media room, a large TV that dominates a living room or main space is rarely edifying. If you don't have a media room, make sure that your modern TV console or cabinet is not the room's focal point, but rather placed so that other elements in the room become the attention-getters. Ideally, your modern media console should be stationed so that it's easy to watch when in use, but won't dominate the room when not in use.