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Modern TV & Media Consoles

Display wide screen TV, and store away DVDs, CDS and other media ephemera in our modern media consoles, ideal for game room, den or entertainment area. Choose smart and roomy designs from BDI Furniture, MASH Studios, and Blu Dot, among others.

Media devices—more specifically, TVs, VCRs and stereo equipment—add great value to our home lives, but displaying them in a way that’s both practical and attractive is always a challenge. Thankfully, a handsome and well-designed modern media console can solve several media display and storage problems efficiently—and may be able to do it with great style as well.

What’s the most important thing to consider when buying a modern media console?

Without a doubt the most important thing when buying a modern TV console or cabinet is functionality. There’s no shortage of beautiful and stylish media cabinets on the market, but the primary purpose of modern TV stands is to display your TV and other media devices attractively, and to corral related material—DVDs, CDs, channel changers and wires. Make sure that the modern media console you select fulfills these purposes by selecting a unit that contains enough storage space to hold your collection of CDs, DVDs, and their various related devices, and has subtle elements that keep cables and wires out of sight.

How big should a modern TV console be?

The size of your modern media console is, obviously, going to be informed by two things: the size of your TV, and the size of the room in which it will reside—but, as with all furniture, be mindful of its scale in relation to the rest of the furnishings in the room. While it might be tempting to buy the biggest, most spacious modern TV stand, an oversized console that dominates a room both visually and literally will look inelegant no matter how beautiful. So, more than anything, the size of your modern TV console should work in harmony with the rest of the room’s furniture and objects.

What should I avoid when buying a modern media console?

Think of your modern TV cabinet as any other piece of furniture, and avoid buying something that is out of step with your overall design sensibilities, and stands out as being different. Ideally, modern TV stands should seamlessly blend into a room as part of the furniture ensemble. Pay attention to both size and practicality. A bigger modern TV console doesn’t necessarily mean more storage space, so carefully examine how efficiently and smartly it’s been designed. While there’s no shortage of beautiful and stylish modern consoles on the market, looks alone won’t solve your media needs, so by all means think about good looks, but think about functionality just as carefully.

What’s the best placement for a modern TV stand?

While modern TV stands may be handsome, TVs themselves rarely are. Unless you have a designated home theatre or media room, a large TV that dominates a living room or main space is rarely edifying. If you don’t have a media room, make sure that your modern TV cabinet is not the room’s focal point, but rather placed so that other elements in the room become the attention-getters. Ideally, your modern media console should be placed so that it’s easy to watch when in use, but won’t dominate the room when not in use.