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10 Ideas For Creating A Productive Office Space

Transform any room into the organized and productive office of your dreams with our top furniture, lighting, and decor selections designed for a modern work space.

5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office

Workplace upgrades, like a standing desk, can foster a healthier body and mind—and enhance productivity, in the process.

Modern desk accessories to boost your productivity

Work smarter, not harder is the old adage and the same goes for decorating your desk. It's tempting to go all out with a ton of organizational pieces, but, let's face it: are you really going to be needing these specific and unique office supplies? A productive office environment can be achieved with items that are both practical and useful. Skip trendy designs that just aid in creating clutter and distractions in your space and opt for smart, streamlined pieces that are going to help you get your daily tasks done. Whether that includes a multi-tiered letter tray for office supplies, a ceramic pencil holder, or brass desk set, keeping your selection to streamlined essentials means your desk will be clear for a full day or work ahead while your necessities to get the job done will be within reach. .

Be smart with office organizational devices.

More than anything, organization is vital to productivity. But the fixation on organizational devices can result in needless purchases that never get used. When looking for new desk accessories, focus on organizational tools that are well made and visually pleasing—but, most importantly, are useful and practical for your working habits. If you're looking for a desk tray, for instance, examine just how much paper and other items it's likely to hold on any given day, and whether you need a tray with 3 tiers (vs. just one). Do you go through a lot of pens? Or like to hand them out to clients? A smart brass pencil holder is a wise addition. Don’t forget, decor pieces can double as functional accents like a decorative clock looks nice, but keeps you on schedule and a hefty marble sculpture can double as a paperweight. The key to organization is not purchasing lots of items, but mindfully purchasing ones that make the most sense for your line of work.

How luxury office accessories can add to your workspace.

A luxurious home is welcoming, relaxing, and effortless and your home office should be no different. When selecting new office accessories, quality is vital because it averts wasting money on throwaway purchases that have to be replaced quickly, and also because it keeps the environmental waste stream in check. A stylish workspace or office can help you feel inspired every day thanks to sleek organization and accent pieces that make your space pop. Keep your desk clean and clutter free with brass storage accessories for a pop of sheen and leather or acrylic trays to hold papers and other materials. A beautiful paperweight or figurine can dress up your desk and add a touch of your own personality. For a hint of ambiance that keeps you relaxed and refreshed throughout the workday, a luxury candle or diffuser fills your space with decadent scents to last the whole day through.

Desk & Office Accessory FAQs

  • How to Arrange Office Desk Accessories?

To craft the most efficient and productive at home or office desk space, you want to keep your desktop computer right in front of you, place the things you use most closest to your dominant hand, keep only the essentials that you need on your desk, and ensure you have open desk space for signing papers or placing things down. Arrange office desk accessories in groups to keep things tight and organized, but also easy to reach at a moment’s notice. Throw out all old and unnecessary items and keep folders labeled to ensure proper documents are in the right place. By streamlining your desktop to just the essentials needed to complete your work day, your desk will feel organized, productive, and motivating.

  • How Can I Make My Office Luxurious?

Just because you want a productive work space doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious as well. At 2Modern we offer a variety of luxury desktop accessories, organization pieces, and furniture to create the ultimate luxury workspace for your home or office. Start with an elegant and luxurious desk that is the perfect size for your space, like the leather-wrapped Fred Desk from Poltrona Frau. Pair that with a comfortable and ergonomic desk chair (we love Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair) and accessorize intelligently with a proper desk set that is both efficient and cohesive for a tailored look. A plush rug underfoot keeps things comfortable, while anchoring your workspace. Finish the look off with sleek and chic lighting in the form of a beautiful chandelier or pendant and a gorgeous floor lamp for a customized space that is equal parts luxe and productive. 

  • What Should I Put on My Desk at Home?

Your desk at home should be just as polished and put together as your desk at work. You want to have the essentials you need to get the job done without creating chaos or clutter. A tiered tray is perfect for keeping mail and important documents close at hand, while a range of organization pieces keeps pens, paperclips, tape, and sticky notes easily accessible. For a bit of functional flair, a vintage clock or radio helps keep you on schedule while adding a sleek look to your desktop. Finish things off with a few pieces of personal decor to keep the space light and enjoyable and you’ll be ready to crush that 9 to 5.