5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office

Workplace upgrades, like a standing desk, can foster a healthier body and mind—and enhance productivity, in the process.

Invest in a standing desk.

By now, the detrimental effects of sitting all day have been well documented, with health experts emphasizing the crucial need for standing more, and sitting less. While taking regular breaks from a sitting position is the easiest solution, investing in a standing desk is an optimal one. Sit-stand desks allow you to segue from sitting to standing position, without disrupting workflow, virtually eliminates the harmful hunched-over-keyboard stance, while allowing a customized solution for those with specific posture-related issues. The elegant BDI Centro Lift Standing Desk, above, available in 2 sizes, is one smart option.


Get an ergonomic office chair.

Standing may be better than sitting, but sitting in the workplace is, needless to say, unavoidable. Ensure that the chair you're using has ergonomic properties, from height adjustability to material flexibility and back support. The Path Task Chair, above, with its adjustable height options and flexible, durable material composition, is both handsome and easy on the body, while the World One Task Chair, offers a minimalist, yet fully functional design thanks to its unmatched ergonomic support and well-cushioned set of wheels for those lengthy brainstorm sessions.


Make room for greenery.

The health benefits of indoor plants extend to both their air cleansing properties and their effect on the psyche—making them particularly ideal as workplace companions. Whether large potted plants or small succulents, plants enliven the most unremarkable of spaces, and if stepping outside for fresh air is a rare workday treat, plants are a reminder of the real world that lies beyond office walls. Ferm Living's Plant Box is a stand-alone piece that holds a hefty amount of greenery, but even a desktop planter, filled with leafy greens carries the benefit of improving air quality—while sitting pretty.


Make organization a priority.

A healthy office isn't just about physical wellbeing. A clear mind facilitates a more balanced perspective and sense of purpose, while fostering productivity. Beginning the work day with a messy, disorganized desk can be dispiriting, and a surefire way to set a tone that's both unhelpful and unmotivating. Organize your desk and office space with furniture and tools that make your job easier and present an inspiring context for doing your best work. Proper storage for important documents and reference material—we like the compact Blu Dot Dang File Pedestal—is imperative. And use well-designed desktop tools to make most used items easily accessible.


Stay refreshed with water.

Yes, the coffee break is an office staple, but nothing is cleaner and more beneficial to the body than water. Ditch the caffeine and sugar—and by all means, bypass the cost and waste generated by that Starbucks run. Instead, keep a stylish decanter and glass, or reusable bottle of water—we love the Ferm Living Ripple Carafe Set, above—in plain sight, as a reminder to stay hydrated (and as a reminder to take a quick break from the keyboard). You'll feel perfectly refreshed and rejuvenated, sans caffeine, keep disposable cups out of landfills, and save a few pennies in the process.