Modern Wine Glasses

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Why Choose Modern Wine Glasses?

From the casual sipper who likes it all to the wine aficionado who likes to get things just right, our comprehensive collection of wine glasses offers a variety of designs to outfit your home and suit your needs.We’ve got you covered with high-end crystal pieces for rounding out your fine dining tabletop, simple, stemless designs for a casual weeknight refresh, and every colorful and eye-catching option in between. Available in a range of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes, modern wine glasses offer the proper design for your drink of choice while also providing an aesthetically pleasing look to accent your kitchen or home bar. Whether you prefer riesling, champagne, or bordeaux, 2Modern has a wide range of elegant and casual glassware to outfit your home and keep the libations flowing. 

Choosing Which Modern Wine Glasses Is Right For You

Ultimately you can enjoy your drink of choice from whatever vessel you want, but for the best experience and full enjoyment of your wine, opting for specific types of glasses will unlock the tasting notes and scent qualities of your wine. You also want to select a glass that is going to pair well with your other glassware and dinnerware – suiting a casual everyday meal or elevated occasion. 

First, decide on your drink of choice. Is it white wine, red, rose, or champagne? If you plan on serving all of the above, you’ll want to select the correct type for each. White wine glasses are typically smaller and shorter bowled glasses, perfect for preserving floral aromas and maintaining cooler temperatures. Red wine glasses are both wider and taller, ready to deliver more aroma compounds and with a larger surface area to let ethanol evaporate. 

Next, decide if you want a simple glass design, or a more ornate crystal piece. Don’t forget about the champagne! Champagne is typically served in a tall, slender glass that extends the life of the bubbles, allowing them to congregate at the top of the flute. Aesthetics are up to you, they won’t change the taste of the wine, but they will add a visually pleasing touch to your tabletop. 

Lastly, look for the color that would best suit your space. Transparent glass is a go-to standard, but contemporary wine glasses are available in blues, greens, reds, and more with patterns and textures to suit every taste. 

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Wine Glasses

While a majority of wine glasses are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, take this into consideration when purchasing your latest drinkware. Some wine glasses are hand wash only, and while this isn’t a major inconvenience, if you want something you can toss in the dishwasher and forget about, super ornate and fragile crystal options may not be the best option for you. 

Modern Wine Glasses FAQs

  • Does the Shape of a Wine Glass Matter?

The shape of a wine glass can enhance the wine’s aroma, which in turn impacts the tasting notes of your wine. Wine glasses typically curve inward at the top, which works to concentrate aromas in that area. As you sniff and sip, the aromas become more distinct based on the concentration of the wine along the rim. The type of wine glass you choose can also set the tone for the evening. Stemless wine glasses tend to be more casual for an informal night at home with family and friends, while stem wine glasses make it easier to swirl the wine for initial tastes and offer a more formal feel. Stem wine glasses also keep your wine at a more proper temperature for the ultimate sip. 

  • What Type of Glass for Red Wine?

A typical red wine glass shape is designed for any medium to full-bodied red. The wide-bowled, rounded shape and high lip will allow you to experience more aroma and a smoother finish than you would drinking out of a smaller glass. 

  • What Type of Glass for White Wine?

White wine glasses feature a narrow shape for light-bodied and floral wines. Typically with a smaller opening than a red wine glass, you will notice that white wine glasses work to preserve aromas well as they tend to be shorter –reducing the distance between the drinker’s nose and the wine of choice. White wine glasses with stems are ideal for keeping chilled wines at their optimal temperature.