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Top Bedroom Lighting Ideas For A Well-Lit Daily Routine

Brighten up your daily routine with our curated selection of bedroom lighting ideas to ensure your sanctuary is a well-balanced space of chic decor and inspired sparkle.

22 Bedroom Ideas For a Dreamy and Restful Retreat

The room in which we will spend on average, one third of our lifetime, the bedroom should always be a space for calm, respite, and uninhibited comfort. With thousands of design options and aesthetics to choose from, we’ve put together our list of inspired and celebrated bedroom ideas to create a welcoming retreat you’ll enjoy night after night.

Elevate the style and sophistication of your bedroom with modern dressers

In your carefully curated contemporary home, modern dressers are a must-have addition. With unbeatable storage possibilities, stylish designs, well-appointed materials, rich and striking colors, and highly sought-after designers, 2Modern has everything a discerning interior designer could want. Scroll through our stunning selection and you’re sure to find a dresser to complete the look in your evolved, collected bedroom.

How to choose the best modern dresser for your space

When shopping for a contemporary dresser, it’s wise to think about the amount of storage you need and the amount of space you have for a new piece of furniture. If you’re uncertain about the space in your bedroom, be sure to jot down measurements to guide you in your search. You’ll want to be sure your dresser is similar in scale to the other furniture in your bedroom, such as your bed and nightstands. Pairing a tall, overpowering dresser with short nightstands or a modestly-sized bed can disrupt the flow of your space.

The number of drawers in a dresser go hand-in-hand with its size. Typically, 8-drawer dressers are large and expansive, while 2-drawer dressers tend to be small and minimalist. Think about the amount of clothing you intend to store in your dresser. Choose a modern dresser that offers ample space for all of your clothing and accessories. Make a space-conscious decision with a 2-, 3-, or 4-drawer contemporary dresser. Give yourself a little more storage space with a 5- or 6-drawer dresser, or opt for a large, 8-drawer modern dresser for maximum storage capability.

Consider the color palette of your space and the hues that bring you the most joy. Perhaps you’re hoping to create an eclectic, colorful bedroom, or maybe you want to reimagine the existing color scheme in your space. Whatever your color inspiration, it’s wise to picture how your new dresser will work within the room. Earthy browns and beige tones draw inspiration from nature, bringing neutral warmth and depth to space. Black dressers add depth and sophisticated dimension, while white modern dressers make a clean and fresh addition to your room. Gray tones are another neutral, contemporary, and chic option. Make a bold choice with a bright pop of red, or create a cool, calming space with shades of blue.

The material of your contemporary dresser is another important consideration. Wood is a popular choice for its durability and heirloom quality. Metal is inherently industrial, substantial, and sturdy, while acrylic is a high-shine, ultra-modern option. Glass elements add shine and reflective sparkle, and marble tops amp up the sophistication in your bedroom.

Finally, decide on the style that suits you and your home best. Mix and match design styles, or create a completely cohesive look. Mid-century modern dressers add retro charm to any space, while Scandinavian dressers incorporate straightforward design and modern simplicity. Farmhouse dressers are perfectly welcoming and rustic, while traditional designs bring timeless elegance and beauty.

Use dressers to transform your bedroom into a functional and well-edited space

Whatever your style, color, material, or size preferences, 2Modern has the perfect modern dresser for you and your bedroom. Browse our incredible selection of dressers from top brands like Copeland Furniture, Huppe, Bernhardt, Blu Dot, Caracole, and more. With a contemporary dresser, your bedroom and your home will be instantly elevated and incredibly chic.