Top Bedroom Lighting Ideas For A Well-Lit Daily Routine

Brighten up your daily routine with our curated selection of bedroom lighting ideas to ensure your sanctuary is a well-balanced space of chic decor and inspired sparkle.

Bedroom Pendant Ideas

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and styles, pendants make the perfect accompaniment to a bedroom space either overhead centering the room, or flanking either side of your bed in place of table lamps. A more casual lighting approach, pendants are typically more compact than chandeliers and can be paired in multiples for a striking effect. First select a finish that would best go with your space, then select the fixture design that resonates best to ensure your lighting both accentuates your space while providing a welcomed touch of brightness.


Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

For a more refined and conversation-worthy design, chandeliers are high-impact in both size and style. Offered in a variety of aesthetics from coastal, to farmhouse, to industrial, and more, chandeliers ground your bedroom and are often the focal point to build a space around. A fabulous way to bring unexpected decor into your room, pair with subtle wall sconces and simple bedside table lamps to let the chandelier be the star of the show.


Bedroom Table Lamp Ideas

A bedside light is never a bad idea. Providing additional brightness for early morning routines and late nights reading in bed, table lamps offer functional beauty that can easily blend with your additional lighting fixtures. For beds with tall headboards, a taller lamp brings the height and elevates your ensemble, while more compact designs can offer a more subtle glow and save on space. Available in multiple finishes, sizes, and shade types, table lamps can easily blend with any interior design scheme.


Bedroom Floor Lamp Ideas

Should you forgo the classic bedside design or appreciate a minimalist approach, a floor lamp can bring the accent lighting you need while eliminating both a table lamp and a nightstand. Tall, statuesque, and endlessly versatile, floor lamps can flank either side or both sides of your bed, bring brightness to a cozy bedroom reading nook, or even light up a walk-in closet for a homey touch.


Bedroom Wall Sconce Ideas

Ideal for flanking either side of a large wall mirror above your dresser for a space to get ready to head out, or accentuating your bed for a non-traditional design, wall sconces provide beautiful, ambient lighting that works to balance out any overhead or low-profile lighting in your room. Also suitable for directly diffused light, adjustable wall sconces are the perfect design for ensuring you have plenty of light to read in bed all night long.


Bedroom Semi Flush Mount Ideas

Perfect for smaller bedrooms or spaces with lower ceilings, flush mounts and semi flush mounts provide overhead, accented lighting without taking up space, allowing you to move about your room with confidence. Refined and simple, or ornate and over-the-top, flush mounts can bring a decorative touch to your bedroom ceiling and brighten your space with ease. Opt for a design with a matching finish to your other lighting pieces for a cohesive look or balance the space with coordinating colors that bring a touch of contrast and pleasantly stand out.