Farmhouse Lighting

6 Simple Ideas to Craft the Perfect Farmhouse Dining Room

Popular for its rustic simplicity and elegant warmth, Modern Farmhouse Design effortlessly extends to the dining room where a combination of casual furnishings, earthy textures, and natural materials make up a room that is equal parts effortless, inviting, and endlessly chic.

Modern Farmhouse Ideas for a Country Chic Retreat

A balanced trend of rustic simplicity and clean-line sophistication, Modern Farmhouse style can be implemented in any room with ease using our top selected styles to make the most of your space at home.

What Defines Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse lighting is a popular style that is found in many interior spaces and is perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Farmhouse lighting is defined by a timeless, vintage style that effortlessly complements the contemporary design of today’s homes, therefore integrating into existing styles and decor with ease. Farmhouse lighting is typically rustic-chic with clean lines, rich finishes, and crafted from a variety of materials including solid wood, burnished metals, and vintage glass. Farmhouse lighting comes in different finishes to accentuate any contemporary home space and can be found in black, bronze, brown, white, and nickel. The addition of seeded or antique glass amps up the vintage allure and makes for a standout design that is both eye-catching and functional. Balanced out by other interior decor pieces, farmhouse lighting can tie together your entire space and create a visually stunning home. 

Choosing Which Farmhouse Lighting Is Right For You

Lighting is an essential decor piece in any home and farmhouse lighting is available in a variety of styles and designs to accentuate your space to get the look you desire. For kitchens, dining rooms, and master suites, a farmhouse chandelier makes for an excellent statement piece that acts as a functional light that draws the eye upward, perfect for both large and small spaces. Pendant lights are similar in function to chandeliers, but often have fewer bulbs and can work individually or as part of a group stationed above a kitchen island countertop. Flush mounts and wall sconces work perfectly for farmhouse style bathrooms as they take up less space and provide more directly diffused light perfect for above or flanking either side of a mirror. Table lamps and floor lamps can often be more subtle and are ideal for brightening up a living room space, lounge area, bedroom, or any space where you may not have additional lights. Farmhouse lamps typically showcase metal or wood bases and are topped with a neutral lamp shade for timeless appeal. A combination of these lighting options with additional farmhouse decor including mirrors, wall art, shelving, and furniture will cohesively create the farmhouse modern space of your dreams. 

What Else to Think About When Buying Farmhouse Lighting

When looking at farmhouse style lighting, there are several additional factors to consider before purchasing. Firstly, look at the type of bulb the lighting fixture is compatible with. LED-powered designs are going to be the most powerful and energy-efficient providing a lasting lighting design that outshines all others. Secondly, consider the compatibility of the lighting fixture within your space. Consider size, color, and brightness to ensure the lighting fixture properly fits within your home and looks its best when installed. Lastly, consider all the options. How many lights do you need within your space? Will there be overhead lighting, recessed lighting, sconces? A well-lit room is welcoming and fully functional, so be sure to include multiple types of lighting to ensure you get the most use and best look out of your space. 

Farmhouse Lighting FAQs

  • What is rustic lighting?

Rustic lighting is typically loved for its simplistic style, vintage aesthetic, and handcrafted appearance. Popular finishes for rustic lighting include oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron, antique copper, brass, zinc, and forged silver, with “raw” or aged metals a common theme.

  • Is farmhouse lighting going out of style?

Traditional farmhouse lighting can be seen as overly vintage or dated, but luckily farmhouse modern lighting brings a fresh and contemporary perspective that effortlessly blends with interior decor schemes and provides a hint of rustic charm combined with elegant simplicity. This style continues to be popular to this day and can be combined with other styles such as Scandinavian or Coastal to craft a custom look that is all your own. 

  • Why is Farmhouse Lighting So Popular? 

Farmhouse lighting has a warm, approachable, and welcoming feel to it that creates a stylish space that is incredibly versatile and blends well with other decor schemes such as industrial, traditional, or even Scandinavian-inspired spaces. This style is also perfect for a wide variety of spaces including family homes thanks to its laid back nature and effortless vibe, that enhances a rooms character with timeless appeal.