Modern Landscape Lighting

Modern Landscape Lighting Ideas

An optimal arrangement of landscape lights can bring an outdoor space to life — after dark.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

No need to let darkness put a damper on your outdoor entertaining or relaxation. With the implementation of various outdoor lighting options, you can keep the party going well into the night while boosting your al fresco ambiance and creating a well-accented space for non-stop warm weather activities.

Complete your outdoor oasis with modern landscape lighting

When it comes to lighting a home, outdoor lighting can be just as important as indoor lighting, and outdoor landscape lighting adds a special dimension. LED landscape lighting, both visually arresting and energy efficient, is a practical way to illuminate the outdoors and create the kind of ambience that makes outdoor spaces an esthetic extension of your home's interior. If you decide to install landscape lights, a few guidelines may help you make the right outdoor landscape lighting choices for your home.

Be subtle with LED landscape lighting.

How much outdoor lighting you opt for is contingent upon the size of your home and outdoor space, of course, but once you decide which outdoor areas you want to illuminate, think about what you want the lighting to accomplish. Overly bright outdoor landscape lighting is never attractive, and may even detract from the beauty of an outdoor space, so think about outdoor lighting fixtures that have a more subtle effect. Low voltage landscape lighting is one way to provide both practical and esthetically pleasing outdoor lighting, making your home as beautiful and practical at night as it is during the day.

Place low voltage landscape lighting strategically.

LED landscape lighting is both practical and efficient, but choosing where exactly to place outdoor light fixtures is key to getting the most out of your outdoor spaces at night. Even when opting for low voltage landscape lighting, be mindful of placing your landscape lights strategically to maximize both light emissions and ambience. Place landscape lights—whether lanterns, torches, or floor lamps—carefully and thoughtfully, mindful to illuminate the areas of the outdoors that are the most visually arresting. A pathway of beautiful brickwork, flowering bushes, or outdoor seating areas, when glowingly lit, highlight the areas of the outdoors that have been given the most care and thought.

More isn't always better with LED landscape lighting.

Landscape lights have a moody beauty all their own, so it's natural to want to light up the night. But it's important to not overdo outdoor lighting, whether it's LED landscape lighting, lanterns, or even outdoor floor lamps. As with indoor spaces, the outdoors benefits best from the proper kind of landscape lights, not necessarily more of it. Low voltage landscape lighting, strategically placed, can bring attention to the precise places that you want highlighted, and keep less attractive areas subtly hidden.

Variety is key with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There are many kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures, and not all may be appropriate for your home's external areas. So, mix it up, and use different types of landscape lighting. Illuminate a pathway with large-scale lanterns, use LED landscape lighting to illuminate trees and bushes, and make use of low voltage landscape lighting to light up an outdoor seating area. A variety of outdoor lighting fixtures, much like indoor lamps, helps add visual interest to outdoor spaces, but also helps create a more nuanced lighting statement for the outdoors as well.