Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

No need to let darkness put a damper on your outdoor entertaining or relaxation. With the implementation of various outdoor lighting options, you can keep the party going well into the night while boosting your al fresco ambiance and creating a well-accented space for non-stop warm weather activities.

Wall Lighting Ideas

Serving a dual purpose as both a welcomed illuminator of outdoor pathways and entertainment spaces, as well as a stylish accent piece to tie a space together, outdoor wall lights bring a touch of brightness and decoration to effortlessly match any design aesthetic. Moderately bright thanks to LED-technology, outdoor wall lighting can easily be installed on any vertical surface to help illuminate an outdoor dining space or casual seating arrangement. Open-bottom wall sconces provide directly diffused light offering maximum brightness in smaller areas, while enclosed sconces offer a warm glow to assist in adding brightness to a walkway or entrance.

Path Lighting Ideas

An often overlooked but important form of outdoor lighting, path lighting works to improve navigation along pathways and walkways, as well as offering an accented touch to highlight them beautifully. Soft to moderately bright, these lights are installed along the ground on both sides of a main walkway and can vary in height from six inches to two feet tall. For a low-maintenance design, look for solar-powered options as they charge up during the day and automatically turn on when dusk hits..

Motion-Sensor Lighting Ideas

Designed to be incredibly bright and work to illuminate large areas to deter unseen threats, security lighting is powered by a standard, 120-Volt current and is typically installed in high spots such as above a garage, above a back or side door, or within the eaves of your home, to cast a wide beam of light down onto main walkways or entrances. Best choice options are motion-activated to work only when the built-in sensors detect any sort of movement in the area. Look for LED-technology powered options for long-lasting brightness that requires little to no maintenance.

Portable Lantern Ideas

Powered by LED technology for a welcomed touch of ambiance indoors or out, Portable Lanterns can effortlessly accent an outdoor dining space or seating area while eliminating the need for cords or bulky wires. Rechargeable for endless use, portable lanterns can easily be moved about your space and in some cases, hung from a hook or ledge for versatile display. Crafted from a variety of materials including metal, wood, plastic, and glass, look for designs that blend with your outdoor aesthetic while also offering stand-out style. Many options are outfitted with updated technology including USB charging ports to make their designs truly portable and useful in any outdoor situation. The Bubbles lamp as shown above offers the perfect accent for a late-night swim or poolside meal service.

Deck Lighting Ideas

Both for accentuating an outdoor space and ensuring you avoid any tripping hazards, deck lighting is compact, yet mighty design that works to keep your space well-lit and safe as possible, while also accenting nearby garden spaces. LED-powered lights installed into recessed spaces along walls, steps, or perimeters, deck lighting is designed to stand out, but effortlessly blend in with your space so it never feels bulky or inhibiting. Ideal for deck steps or railings, install in high-traffic areas you and your family plan on enjoying so nights spent outdoors are always properly lit for fun and relaxation.

Outdoor Pendant Ideas

For covered outdoor spaces, pendant lighting is key for a full visualization of your aesthetic and ensuring proper enjoyment of your space when the sun goes down. Available in a wide range of styles and materials ready to elevate your space, outdoor pendants can be installed above an outdoor dining group, seating or lounge area, or across the countertop for a backyard bar. Metal designs offer a handsome, industrial touch to your space, while woven rattan options make for a coastal or even farmhouse-inspired vibe. For downward, direct accented light, look for pendants with open bottoms and exposed bulbs, or for a touch of ambient lighting, a shade-covered design brings a warm glow without overdoing it.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

When looking to create a backyard entertainment destination, a combination of lighting fixtures work hand-in-hand to establish space, allow for ease-of-use, and ensure safety for non-stop enjoyment. Wall sconces offer additional brightness paired with string lights or overhead lighting– such as a pendant or chandelier, for a well-lit and accented space. Add in some path lighting to make getting to and from your outdoor space a breeze and a few portable outdoor lanterns for ambiance, and al fresco dining will be on the menu every night of the week.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Also known as bollards, tall, often rounded or square structures designed to offer both ambient lighting and safety are a fabulous addition to any outdoor spaces especially those with specifically designed landscaping and pathways. Available in a variety of materials and finishes to effortlessly match your home or design aesthetic, bollards can range in size and offer styles that blend in with your other outdoor lighting pieces, or stand out amongst seating areas and garden spaces to highlight specific locations. Useful as pathway lighting or dotted within flowerbeds and plant-heavy areas, these LED-powered designs are sleek and streamlined for any and all outdoor needs.

Spot Light Ideas

A subcategory of landscape lighting, spot lighting shines narrow, moderate-to high-intensity beams upwards to showcase either exterior design or plant features. Driven into the ground with a stake, bullet-shaped lights offer an adjustable head to direct the light wherever needed, perfect for taller objects and larger homes. Another option are well lights which are also installed in the ground and offer upward directed light to provide brightness for smaller shrubs or flower beds, making them appear more statuesque. Whenever possible look for adjustable and LED bulb-integrated options that can easily connect to your lighting system ensuring a highly-efficient and virtually maintenance-free design.

Garden Lighting Ideas

A combination of lighting designs can work simultaneously to highlight your favorite garden areas while ensuring safety and ease of travel amongst your space. Utilizing pathway lighting and bollard lights, and a combination of high and low designs, garden seating areas can easily be enjoyed when the sun goes down, while visibility is increased for family and friends visiting. Pathway lights typically provide directly diffused downward light for pathways and walkway areas, while bollard lights offer 360 degree lighting to accent more square footage. Keep in mind pathway lights should be spaced between 10-15 feet apart with more or less distance needed depending on additional lighting used and length of the pathway.

Outdoor Step Light Ideas

Whether for outdoor stairwells, back deck steps, or patio pathways, step lighting provides a compact, yet bright touch to ensure clear visibility and optimal safety while navigating outdoor spaces in the dark. Installed in the literal step itself or along the side of a wall or railing, step lighting is powered by LED technology for a more powerful and energy-efficient design that can be controlled by an indoor or outdoor switch. Available in a variety of designs that tend to be streamlined and simple, look for richly-finished metal designs for a high-end look for your home and don’t be afraid of solar powered options that provide ample lighting without the use of electricity or the need to change bulbs.

Covered Patio Lighting Ideas

Covered outdoor spaces are the perfect opportunity to ensure your interior design scheme continues to your outdoor areas. Depending on the size of your space, a singular larger lighting fixture – such as a chandelier or multiple smaller pendants paired together can offer just the right touch of brightness for dining, entertaining, or simply enjoying an evening of fresh air. Beautiful designs such as the Mediterrania Outdoor LED Pendant Light or Danbury Outdoor Pendant offer the right touch of brightness and sleek silhouette thanks to metal construction and a clear glass shade. Additional lighting pieces such as sconces, string lights, or even LED light-illuminated planters can bring additional ambiance without sacrificing on style.

Outdoor Chandelier Ideas

Ideal for covered outdoor dining spaces or large seating groups, outdoor chandeliers bring enhanced lighting design and a touch of drama to your favorite exterior spaces. Look for wet-rated designs that are built to withstand the unexpected elements of the outdoors including moisture and sun and then look for a design that completes your aesthetic or makes a bold statement. From Farmhouse Modern rustic chic to Scandinavian simplistic sophistication, outdoor chandeliers can be found in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors to effortlessly match your home. A fabulous globe chandelier design such as the Carson Outdoor Chandelier is the perfect addition to outdoor covered deck spaces for an eye-catching silhouette that works in a variety of design schemes.

Outdoor Post Light Ideas

Standing tall as statement-making landscape lights that are impossible to ignore, outdoor post lights look particularly striking when flanking a path or stairway, providing an inspired introduction to a home or as a welcoming accent lighting the way to a high-traffic outdoor entertainment area. The Axis Post Light, featured above, is a stunning example of a modern post light, it's vertical metal post and clear glass diffuser are accented by a metal top plate and banding for a completed look. Use multiple post lights to brighten your outdoor pathways and landscaping for a balanced design or use a single light on its own to make a statement in a garden area or poolside patio.

Front Door Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting plays a big part in the overall look and feel of the exterior of your home. By using the right combination of fixtures, the outside of your home can be seen as an extension of your interior design. The front door of your home, whether frequently used or most prominent, should always give off a welcoming and direct vibe. A combination of lighting designs can be used to not only offer a bright entryway, but also a well-accented doorway to greet family and guests. Experiment with styles and finishes to add intrigue and depth to your entryway. Flank the doorway with sconces for a balanced design and add in a chandelier, pendant, or lantern overhead for a well-lit space from every angle. Spotlights can be used as additional brightness, directed towards a door or highlighting shrubbery on either side, while path lights or bollards can extend the brightness and welcoming feel of your home all the way from the front door to the street or driveway.