Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

No need to let darkness put a damper on your outdoor entertaining or relaxation. With the implementation of various outdoor lighting options, you can keep the party going well into the night while boosting your al fresco ambiance and creating a well-accented space for non-stop warm weather activities.

Wall Lighting Ideas

Serving a dual purpose as both a welcomed illuminator of outdoor pathways and entertainment spaces, as well as a stylish accent piece to tie a space together, outdoor wall lights bring a touch of brightness and decoration to effortlessly match any design aesthetic. Moderately bright thanks to LED-technology, outdoor wall lighting can easily be installed on any vertical surface to help illuminate an outdoor dining space or casual seating arrangement. Open-bottom wall sconces provide directly diffused light offering maximum brightness in smaller areas, while enclosed sconces offer a warm glow to assist in adding brightness to a walkway or entrance.

Path Lighting Ideas

An often overlooked but important form of outdoor lighting, path lighting works to improve navigation along pathways and walkways, as well as offering an accented touch to highlight them beautifully. Soft to moderately bright, these lights are installed along the ground on both sides of a main walkway and can vary in height from six inches to two feet tall. For a low-maintenance design, look for solar-powered options as they charge up during the day and automatically turn on when dusk hits..

String Light Ideas

Ideal for any outdoor space, covered or not, string lights bring a touch of brightness that evokes a warm, festive ambiance that is incredibly welcoming and desirable –especially when entertaining. Define space in your backyard hanging string lights across a seating group or dining space for a faux ceiling to dine amongst the stars. Or wrap around trees or the posts of a gazebo to help illuminate furniture or your outdoor kitchen area. Wet-rated options can stand up to the elements of the outdoors while some options can be rechargeable, battery operated, or solar powered. Known for their long lifespan and energy efficiency, LED bulbs are top pick for use with outdoor string lights.

Motion-Sensor Lighting Ideas

Designed to be incredibly bright and work to illuminate large areas to deter unseen threats, security lighting is powered by a standard, 120-Volt current and is typically installed in high spots such as above a garage, above a back or side door, or within the eaves of your home, to cast a wide beam of light down onto main walkways or entrances. Best choice options are motion-activated to work only when the built-in sensors detect any sort of movement in the area. Look for LED-technology powered options for long-lasting brightness that requires little to no maintenance.