Outdoor Fireplaces & Pits


Build the ambiance on your patio or deck with an outdoor fireplace

Few things can create a warm and inviting outdoor ambience like an outdoor fireplace. During chilly spring and summer evenings, well into autumn, and even during milder winter months, modern outdoor fireplaces can be an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors and entertain while enjoying both comfort and warmth. Another advantage is that today, a contemporary outdoor fireplace can be found in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to tailor an outside fireplace design to the overall design scheme of your home. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before you embark on a shopping spree for a modern fireplace for your outdoor space:

Is my outdoor space suited for a modern outdoor fireplace?

This, of course, is absolutely the most important question. Before you go looking for outdoor fireplace ideas, you'll want to make sure that your patio, terrace, or garden is safe for any kind of flames. A space too close to your house, or which isn't sufficiently ventilated is clearly not safe, so make sure that you have the right context for an outside fireplace. Additionally, make sure that the fire codes or ordinances of our local town or city allows for the installation of modern outdoor fireplaces. Once these two factors are sufficiently put to rest, you'll know your outdoor space is safe for a contemporary outdoor fireplace, and you can then begin your search for a stylish, functional outdoor fireplace.

What design choices do I have in modern outdoor fireplaces?

There are several basic models of modern fireplace designs from which to choose, the most popular being a built-in outside fireplace option, fire pits, and freestanding fireplaces. If you don't have the option of actually building a fireplace area outside, then fire pits—essentially open fires, fueled within a metal bowl or container of some sort—and freestanding fireplaces, which feature a semi-enclosed container and a fire within, are amongst the most popular and stylish options.

What are my modern outdoor fireplace fuel choices?

Wood, and propane are the two most popular choices for contemporary outdoor fireplaces, each contingent upon the specific fireplace design. Wood-burning fireplaces are popular because they come closest to replicating the experience of a campfire, complete with the smells and sounds of a crackling fire. The down side, of course, is that, like traditional fireplaces, wood-burning modern outdoor fireplaces are harder to start, requiring more time and effort.

A propane-fueled modern fireplace will always be easier to start, sometimes even instantly, and is generally a cleaner, more efficient option. Particularly if you live in close proximity to other homes, you'll want to choose the most clean burning fuel, and one that doesn't emit odors that your neighbors object to. Obviously, in that case, a propane-fueled outside fireplace would be a better solution. It's also worth noting that wood, while, creating a more authentic fireplace experience, is harder to clean up, and some of the most stylish, colorful modern outdoor fireplaces are ones that require propane—so you'll definitely want to consider propane as an alternative to wood.