Modern Farmhouse


What is Modern Farmhouse Design?

Modern farmhouse style is defined by the combination of sleek, clean lines, with rustic undertones and an effortlessly elegant appeal. Cozy and welcoming, with a particular warmth and simplicity, modern farmhouse style is characterized by natural textures and materials including wood, galvanized steel, stone, and paper. Cream is the color of choice for a modern farmhouse space, but shades of tan, brown, black, white, and subtle pops of color can all be found in modern farmhouse spaces. Natural wood accents are a must-have with modern farmhouse furniture displaying textured or worn finishes for that lived-in aesthetic. Very much a trend that is here to stay, 2Modern offers a wide selection of farmhouse modern designs to suit your space. From expandable dining tables to spacious sectionals, we’ve got you covered to create the farmhouse modern space of your dreams.

What Modern Furniture Pieces are Most Popular?

The most popular pieces of furniture in the modern farmhouse design scheme are dining tables, lighting, seating, and decor. A solid wood dining table like the Modern Farmhouse Table from Copeland Furniture showcases incredible presence thanks to its rich brown finish and highly visible wood grain. The unexpected all glass lighting design of the Washington Pendant fits nicely in a modern farmhouse kitchen or bedroom space, with the exposed filament bulbs providing a hint of vintage appeal. A versatile dining chair option like the Bok Dining Chair from Ethnicraft fits perfectly in a modern farmhouse dining room or living space with its rich, natural finish, and minimalist, yet striking silhouette. Look for decor options like mirrors, vases, candle holders and more that bring a hint of rustic elegance to your space with ease.

What Lighting & Decor Pieces Complete Your Modern Farmhouse Look?

The best lighting and decor pieces to fit in with a modern farmhouse look are going to have a vintage-meets-rustic allure that are simple, clean, and purposeful in design. Top materials in farmhouse modern spaces include metal, solid wood, rope, ceramic, and stone. Look for decor with texture, character, and reclaimed wood accents, while lighting with rope or leather detailing makes an ideal statement. Animal hide rugs and ottomans like the Appalachian Cube Pouf bring a rustic, yet high-end feel to your favorite living and dining spaces, while the bronzed hue of the Brianna Chandelier offers an elevated piece of lighting that brings a welcomed touch of brightness over a dining room table or master suite bed. Tarnished mirrors, marble bowls, and richly woven rugs complete the look in any space and allow you to add pieces and take some away as you feel. Though certainly considered a trendy style, when done properly, modern farmhouse style can be a timeless aesthetic that will last for years to come.

Modern Farmhouse FAQ

  • Is Modern Farmhouse Out of Style?

Modern farmhouse style is a trend that has become more and more popular in the recent years and continues to have a resurgence into current day. Though it may have been made more popular recently thanks to various television programs, the modern farmhouse look is timeless thanks to its functional simplicity and rustic refinement. It's easy to tone down the look or turn up the volume depending on how you feel and by simply adding in more decor pieces or different furniture, you can achieve a totally updated and continuously modern look that still remains true to modern farmhouse style.

  • How do you get a modern farmhouse look?

Contemporary, yet cozy, achieving the modern farmhouse look is simple with several aesthetic updates. Combine the feel of traditional country designs with clean, sleek lines of more contemporary style and you have modern farmhouse style. A contemporary take on rustic style, modern farmhouse is more tailored, layered, and coordinated in terms of materials, colors, and patterns to get the perfect balance. Off-whites, and pale neutrals are the perfect backdrop for any room with furniture and accents made from rich solid woods, brick, ceramic, and even burnished metals to round out the look.

  • What is the difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse?

Classic farmhouse style features more warm, neutral tones, whereas modern farmhouse style introduces whites, off whites, and even pastels to create a brighter, more welcoming look. Classic farmhouse design tends to veer more towards an antique, almost cottagecore style with heavy furniture in darker shades, whereas modern farmhouse tends to favor practical, light-finished furniture that is a bit more polished. Overall both styles are quite similar and are geared toward creating a warm, cozy space that is incredibly welcoming and effortlessly chic.