Farmhouse Chairs

20 Stylish Reading Chairs You'll Happily Fall Asleep In

Designed for both comfort and looks, our roundup of top 20 reading chairs are ready for you to sink in and stay a while.

Modern Farmhouse Ideas for a Country Chic Retreat

A balanced trend of rustic simplicity and clean-line sophistication, Modern Farmhouse style can be implemented in any room with ease using our top selected styles to make the most of your space at home.

Why Farmhouse Chairs Will Match Your Style

At 2Modern, we carry a wide variety of farmhouse chairs that are suitable for every room in your home. We have farmhouse arm chairs, farmhouse dining chairs, farmhouse lounge chairs, farmhouse office chairs, and farmhouse accent chairs ready to elevate your space and perfectly accompany your other farmhouse furniture and decor. Our curated assortment of modern farmhouse chairs are available in a wide variety of materials and colors to suit your style. Select from metal, solid wood, and even plastic chairs in shades of cream, white, black, nickel, brown, and more. The rustic elegance of our farmhouse chairs will pair nicely with your overall farmhouse aesthetic and provide a suitable seating option for your living, dining, and entertainment spaces. Their simple frames, clean lines, and minimalist style balance a room perfectly, allowing you to fill in the space with other modern farmhouse furniture, lighting, and decor to create a perfectly decorated space. Shop all of our modern farmhouse collections to find everything you need to create a beautiful and welcoming home. 

How a set of Farmhouse Chairs Can Highlight Your Room Decor

Selecting a set of farmhouse chairs can accent a variety of spaces in your home and truly elevate your room’s decor. For a living room, study, office, or even master bedroom, a set of club-style or wingback farmhouse chairs can create ambiance and offer a comfortable place for you and guests to sit and relax. Available in a wide variety of materials, leather or fine linen adds an elevated accent that is both luxurious and welcoming. The chairs do not have to match everything else in your room perfectly, but with a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can decide if you want a perfectly cohesive space or to add some character with a contrasting shade. Look for farmhouse chair designs with extra detailing for an unexpected addition to your space. Nailhead trim, embroidery, and woven details all add an extra level of style and texture for a pleasing modern farmhouse decor piece. 

Are Farmhouse Chairs Going Out Of Style?

Farmhouse style itself continues to be popular year after year as it is incredibly versatile and adaptable to match the trends of the current time period. You are able to put your own spin on modern farmhouse style utilizing pieces you truly enjoy and accenting with lighting, decor, and other furniture to make the space of your dreams. Because people are attracted to the casual refinement, simple silhouettes, and welcoming coziness, farmhouse chairs are a style that will continue to remain relevant and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

Farmhouse Chair FAQs

  • What Are Farmhouse Chairs Made Of? 

For a unique look with individual character, select a farmhouse chair crafted from reclaimed or recycled wood – preferably oak or pine for a beautiful and long-lasting design that is both vintage and now. Metal farmhouse chairs are both traditional and contemporary and offer a sturdy seat that is built to last. For a more updated, modern look, a farmhouse style chair crafted from recycled plastic is eco-friendly, while offering sleek and chic style. 

  • Are Rattan Chairs Farmhouse Style? 

Woven rattan and wicker chairs can add some pleasing texture to your space and bring an almost beachy vibe for a hint of coastal allure. Available for both indoor and outdoor spaces, rattan chairs are often handwoven and offer a stylish seat that perfectly accents solid wood dining tables for a rustic-chic design.

  • What Is The Difference Between Rustic And Farmhouse Style Chairs?

Farmhouse style chairs offer a traditional look with a fresher feel than typical rustic style. Both styles of chairs put a focus on natural elements and neutral colors, but rustic style will typically be unfinished with limited accents, whereas farmhouse style can incorporate more ornate elements and offer more contemporary silhouettes and materials.