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Create an engaging modern nursery or playful child's room with carefully selected basics - modern crib, rocker/glider, changing table, big kids bunk beds, and more - from our modern nursery and kids room collections.

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About Modern Kids & Baby

Creating a safe, durable, and imaginative space for children is easier than ever with our wide range of modern kids and baby offerings—designed for the special needs of infants and little ones, but with enough style to please parents too. A functional and engaging modern nursery or child's room room begins with carefully selected basics—a well made modern crib and changing table; a smart, customizable kid's bed; whimsical lighting. By putting your primary efforts towards selecting these essential pieces first, the groundwork will be laid for creating a peaceful contemporary nursery or playful kids room—making it easier to add the whimsical, personal touches unique to your little one's needs.

Focus on quality modern cribs and changing tables.

No piece of furniture in the modern baby nursery demands the kind of selective thinking as the baby crib—and our range of modern cribs have been chosen for their adherence to both safety and esthetic standards.Visually elegant designs, eco-friendly materials, easy-to-assemble, and customizable options are among our modern baby crib offerings. Another essential nursery item is the changing table, and our modern changing tables have both functionality and esthetic value to recommend them. From stand-alone changing tables to smart combination units—offering both flexibility and space-saving efficiency—our selection of modern changing tables comprises a range of intelligent designs, each supremely functional, safe, and esthetically beautiful.

Splurge on modern kids furniture.

A safe, practical, and imaginative space for little ones is easy to make with our wide range of modern kids furniture—designed specifically with toddlers and young children in mind. Whether in the market for a modern bunk bed, clean-lined trundle bed, kids' dressers or toy storage, these designs evolve and adapt to the needs of growing kids, making them a worthy, lasting investment. Our beautifully crafted, child-friendly, and flexible modern kids beds, contemporary kids desks, and fun storage options are practical, imaginative, and enduring, created smartly to evolve and grow along with your children.

Be selective with modern kids lighting.

Beyond simply being a functional light source, modern lamps designed for kids’ rooms and nurseries have to be both imaginative and enchanting enough to capture a child’s attention. Modern designs that feature animals, flowers, and abstract motifs help create a joyful environment for today's child or baby. Whether seeking a single modern lamp that fully illuminates your modern nursery, a night light that makes your little one feel safe, or a unique decorative kids lighting accent, review our wide range of modern kids lighting for charming, original designs ensured to ignite your little one's imaginations.

Choose expressive modern kids and baby room decor.

There are endless options for baby room decor or accents for modern kids rooms, and your choices can transform an ordinary child's room into a truly magical place. In choosing kids' room decor—wallpaper,rugs, mobiles, decals—be particularly inventive and original. Choose desigins from our vast offerings in kids and baby decor—whether enchanting baby wallpaper designs or customizable carpet tiles—that foster a safe and artful environment in which your child can flourish and find expression.