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Room to Grow: Toddler Room Ideas

Smart buys and a little imagination can transform your modern nursery into an engaging toddler room—and keep little ones growing happily.

5 Playroom Ideas Guaranteed to Delight Little Ones

Create a magical space for toddlers and kids with modern playroom ideas built to enchant and engage.

Designing the perfect room for your little one.

Designing the perfect room for your little one requires a few different pieces that when paired together create a magical and safe space for your child to sleep, play, and grow. The focal point of all kids rooms is, without a doubt, the crib or toddler bed, so this should be the most important feature. Safety and quality are the most important factors in selecting the right baby crib, but there's no shortage of modern cribs that are both beautiful and offer the high level of safety your little one deserves. Available in a variety of materials such as solid pine and acrylic, and color options from rich walnut, to white, and gray, you’re sure to find the sleep solution of your child’s dreams here at 2Modern. Selecting an option that can grow with your child makes the transition from baby to toddler that much easier and stress-free as you select multiple pieces to design your little one’s perfect room

Multifunctional pieces of furniture not only save space in your little one’s room, but ensure you are fully covered for any situation. Changing tables provide a space to clean and dress your child while doubling as a storage solution for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Opt for a design with a removable changer top that way the dresser can continue to be used for years to come. With a selection of sizes outfitted with various types of storage designs including multiple drawers, doors, and storage spaces, 2Modern has a wide variety of dresser and changing table designs ranging from mid-century modern, farmhouse modern, Scandinavian modern and more. 

When creating a room for your little one, it’s just as much for the parent as it is for your child. Creating a space that is safe, comfortable and productive ensures your peace of mind and allows you to provide the best care possible. Nightstands provide a sturdy perch next to your plush rocker or glider for resting a bottle, the warm glow of a table lamp, or a sound or music device to help lull your child to sleep. Designed for the 21st century, some designs are even outfitted with USB charging ports to ensure your monitor and other electronic devices are always primed and ready to perform. For a high-end and over-the-top space, our selection of luxury items for the modern nursery offers top-notch quality and fashion-forward style that you’ll have to see to believe.

How to create a creative, safe, and fun bedroom for your growing child.

A child’s bedroom should be a space in which they can sleep, play, learn, and grow. Creating a cohesive and beneficial space for them can be challenging, but also fun with the beautiful and quality selection of pieces here at 2Modern. No matter what aesthetic you are going for, whether the simplistic beauty of Scandinavian Modern or the rustic charm of Farmhouse Modern, keeping things simple, strategic, and as functional as possible will ensure you have a space your child will enjoy for years to come. As children’s bedrooms are often smaller than a master or guest bedroom, making the most of the space is an absolute necessity. Opt for a lofted bed to double the usable floor space and create a play area or reading nook underneath where they are sure to spend hours of enjoyment. 

Corralling clutter is equally as important for both bedrooms and playrooms and can effortlessly be achieved with a varied selection of dressers, nightstands, and a smattering of decorative bins and baskets to keep clothing, toys, books, accessories, and more stored away until needed again. Short on square footage? Floating wall shelves or even several wall hooks provide additional storage space that makes great use of empty wall space. 

For a child’s playroom, the focus should be put on what they love to do most: play! A whimsical room design featuring the necessities ensures your child spends quality time in the space without sacrificing on style. Select standard items such as a child’s play table or desk for coloring, building, or completing schoolwork. A solid storage solution such as a funky bookshelf or organized buckets and bins help keep the space clean and clutter free so each day can be a fresh start. Plenty of plush pillows, bean bags, and throw blankets make for cozy surroundings and the perfect partner for curling up with a good book. For an unexpected touch, a hanging indoor swing provides a fun place to play and can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing. 

Remember to have fun with it all! Don’t shy away from color and texture to create a unique space your little one will love. Our fabulous selection of both temporary and permanent wallpaper along with a wide selection of finishes for many of our products allows you to create a whimsical and wonderful design scheme that is all your own all while providing the perfect environment for quality living.