Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Top Modern Bathroom Ideas

A space built for daily routines and morning or evening relaxation, the bathroom can often be overlooked as a space for stylish, yet practical design. We’ve put together our top styles designed to instantly elevate your bathroom space while maximizing a clean aesthetic and supreme functionality.

Top 20 Modern Mirrors

A beautiful mirror is impossible to ignore, visually expanding a space while adding decorative panache to a design scheme. Our favorite modern mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, with good looks and versatility to spare. Nordic beauties, playful designs, and artful compositions make our Top 20 Modern Mirrors list—truly the fairest of them all.

Why Choose a Modern Bathroom Mirror?

Aside from the obvious answer of being able to check out your reflection during your morning or evening routine, modern bathroom mirrors add visual interest and a sense of drama to your bathroom. Mirrors work to expand a room’s sense of space and reflect light to open things up. No matter your bathroom’s size or style, 2Modern has a great selection of modern bathroom mirrors to provide the look you desire and the functionality you need to craft the bathroom of your dreams. Not just available in a traditional flat, frameless design as we see in many bathroom spaces, our collection of modern bathroom mirrors features chic, funky, and decorative designs in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to suit your space. 

Choosing a Modern Bathroom Vanity Mirror that Suits Your Space

When choosing a modern bathroom vanity mirror, you should consider both function and proportion. To create a balanced look, you want to think about the size of your mirror in relation to the size of the vanity it will sit above. Typically, modern bathroom vanity mirrors are not wider than the vanity itself and oftentimes is the exact width of the vanity. As long as the mirror is 70-80 percent as wide as your vanity, you can achieve a balanced look without your mirror looking shrunken or out of place. Also consider the people who will be using this mirror, at a maximum, the bathroom vanity mirror should hang a foot above the eyeline of the tallest person in the home for an average of 4 to 7 feet off of the floor. Consider using multiple mirrors if your vanity has multiple sinks or opt for hanging a rectangular mirror horizontally to make the most of your space and reflective properties. 

What Else to Think About When Buying Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Another thing to consider when selecting a modern bathroom mirror is the lighting design within your space. Are you looking to only have overhead lighting in the form of pendants or recessed lights? Do you want sconces on either side of your mirror or a vanity bar above the mirror? Your lighting scheme will dictate the size of the mirror you choose and the placement above your vanity. Tight on space? 2Modern offers multiple modern bathroom mirror designs with powerful LED lighting built right in to give you ample glow without the need for additional wall-mounted lighting fixtures. Another thing to consider is the visual impact of the mirror. If you are going for a sleek and chic hotel-like experience, a metallic or crisp white frame will do the trick. For a more traditional space, an ornate mirror with endless detailing makes sense, while a mirror with hidden storage makes the most out of compact spaces. 

Modern Bathroom Mirrors FAQs

  • Are Round Mirrors Good for Bathrooms?

A round mirror is a classic design and is definitely a fine choice for a modern bathroom. When paired with geometric shapes such as a square vanity and curved bathtub, the bathroom will appear expertly balanced and properly decorated. Just make sure the round mirror is significant in size compared to your vanity to ensure a balanced look that allows you to see more than just your face in the morning. 

  • How Big Should a Bathroom Mirror be Over a Sink?

When selecting a modern bathroom mirror you want to make sure you consider size in relation to your surrounding decor and the size of your space. Your mirror should be the exact same width or slightly smaller than your vanity to ensure plenty of reflective area to bring in natural light and beauty, while the mirror should be hung a minimum of one foot taller than the eyeline of the tallest person using the mirror which can be anywhere from 4-7 feet above the ground. 

  • How do I Choose a Lighted Bathroom Mirror?

Perfect for bathrooms with no space for vanity lighting or wall sconces, a lighted mirror provides the brightness you need for applying makeup or brushing your teeth. Look for a design that suits your space and fills the wall nicely. Same rules for size apply as above, just need to consider shape and color for your space. Most, if not all lighted bathroom mirrors should be equipped with LED lighting which requires very little maintenance and is long-lasting and energy-efficient.