Modern Outdoor Wall Lights

Ten Patio Lighting Ideas Sure to Sparkle

Spotlight on style! With summer just around the corner, the thrill of outdoor entertaining and relaxing on the patio is becoming front-of-mind. Transform your back deck or al fresco dining space into an extension of your home with our sleek and modern outdoor lighting picks, and let the summer vibes sink in.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

No need to let darkness put a damper on your outdoor entertaining or relaxation. With the implementation of various outdoor lighting options, you can keep the party going well into the night while boosting your al fresco ambiance and creating a well-accented space for non-stop warm weather activities.

Set The Tone With Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall fixtures are a popular choice for their ability to add beauty to your home and increase the safety of your house simultaneously. Exterior wall lighting is versatile, allowing for illumination on your porch, patio, or other points of entry. It can also be used to light the way in and around courtyards, pergolas, and other outdoor walls and structures. Outdoor wall lighting is an important part of home security, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stunning and contemporary. At 2Modern, you’ll find an incredible selection of outdoor wall lights to ensure that the exterior of your home is just as chic and well-appointed as the interior.

How To Choose Exterior Wall Lights

Finding the perfect outdoor wall light can be a daunting task, consider the tips below when perusing and selecting your outdoor wall lights:


  • Uplights can be used to highlight tall, architecturally elaborate structures or special features. They have a unique ability to outline and highlight your home’s exterior while adding depth and interest.
  • Downlights are useful in creating an inviting and efficient glow. They provide visibility, and in turn, security for outdoor areas. Downlighting is also a smart choice for highlighting ground-level features, such as landscaping, sculptural objects, and more.
  • Barn lights are popular for their welcoming farmhouse flair, but they’re also a supremely functional choice. Barn lighting is undeniably rustic, but it also complements other design schemes, including nautical and contemporary styles. It can be placed anywhere around your home, but is particularly helpful for illuminating large areas like your garage or other substantial structures.
  • Lantern lighting is a well-appointed style because it adds curb appeal and style while carving an efficiently-lit path around your home at night. Lantern lights come in a number of shapes and styles to complement your overall design aesthetic.
  • Spotlights and floodlights are useful in highlighting special exterior features, such as intricate landscaping or unique architecture. Although the term “spotlight” is often used interchangeably with “floodlight,” they are slightly different - spotlights send light over a larger area in the form of a thin beam, while floodlights cast a wide but short pattern to highlight a broad area.


  • Rustic exterior lighting brings a warm and inviting glow to your house. Increase the interest with a style that incorporates a decorative Edison bulb.
  • Nautical outdoor sconces create a relaxing ambiance for your seaside-inspired escape.
  • Mid-century modern wall mount lights bring a retro touch to the exterior of your home.
  • Contemporary outdoor lighting lends a stylish, modern glow to your outdoor spaces.
  • Industrial wall mount fixtures make a significant impact on the exterior walls of your modern home.

Color and Finish

  • White wall lights add a sleek, clean look to the exterior of your home.
  • Black wall mount fixtures combine contrast with unbeatable modern charm.
  • Bronze lights bring a stunning touch of tradition to your outdoor lighting.
  • Brassy, gold-toned lighting makes a chic, contemporary addition to your exterior walls.

Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home With Outdoor Wall Lighting

Exterior wall lighting helps illuminate your outdoor spaces with a stylish, modern glow. Adding to the safety of your house, outdoor wall sconces make a smart addition to any outdoor area. From energy-efficient LED solutions to decorative bulbs and beyond, 2Modern has the designs you’re searching for. Browse our carefully curated selection of modern outdoor lighting, which includes top brands like Hubbardton Forge, Sonneman, The Great Outdoors, Modern Forms, Artemide, and more. You’re sure to find the fixtures to make your home a more beautiful and safe place.

Modern Outdoor Wall Lights FAQs

  • How Many Lumens for Outdoor Wall Lights?

The ideal amount of lumens for outdoor wall lights ranges between 200-400 lumens. This is perfect for when you choose to use multiple lights to brighten up a front door, side of your home, or back patio. 

  • How High Should Outdoor Wall Lights be?

For most front doors or outdoor walls, your outdoor wall lights and sconces should be positioned so that the center point is 66-72 inches above the floor. For spaces with tall ceilings, you can move the lights up slightly, but it is not recommended to go much over 72 inches. 

  • How Big Should Outdoor Sconces be?

For modern outdoor wall lights flanking either side of an entryway, look for options that are approximately ⅓ or ¼ the height and width of your doorway including trim. For example, a 100” high doorway that is 60” wide would require a wall light that is at least 25” high and 15” wide. And as stated above, your outdoor wall sconce should be hung 66” above the ground to the center of the fixture.