Modern Outdoor Bench

7 Outdoor Dining Room Ideas to Set the Scene

With the welcoming signs of warmer weather approaching, its time to move mealtime outdoors. With our curated list of outdoor dining room ideas ready to craft a beautiful backyard setting, building your own chic and welcoming alfresco dining space is well within reach.

How to Create a Romantic Outdoor Dining Area

Indulge your romantic side by creating an alluring dining area in your own backyard.

Outdoor benches bring practical seating to your favorite patio or deck space

A practical seating option for outdoor spaces is the modern outdoor bench. Clean-lined and space-saving, the outdoor benches can serve a whole range of functions when used on a patio, porch, or terrace. While there are a number of reasons to opt for a patio bench over other types of seating, it's still important to consider some facts and also ask yourself some crucial questions before deciding that an outdoor bench is the best seating solution for your outdoor space.

Why would I choose modern outdoor benches for my patio or deck?

The number one reason to use garden benches over other types of seating is its small footprint. Because a modern outdoor bench, unlike chairs, are narrower and unencumbered by arms and backs, they can work beautifully as seating for three or four people while taking up a minimal amount of space. If you have a small patio for instance, but still desire seating for several people, a modern patio bench may be a smart investment.

Choosing outside benches over dining room chairs is also a great idea if you have limited seating space on your deck, patio, or around your pool. Designer patio benches provide a greater sense of intimacy that makes for warm and inviting dinner parties and cocktail gatherings, and, especially when space is at a premium, still allows you the benefits provided by larger outdoor spaces.

Can a modern outdoor bench be as stylish as dining chairs?

Absolutely. Outdoor benches are no longer the primitive variety found around picnic tables. Today's contemporary garden benches run the gamut from innovative to elegant, and there's no reason to fear that a garden bench should be the lesser esthetic option.

As mentioned before, modern outdoor garden benches lend themselves well to small spaces where bulky chairs can crowd a space and be visually distracting when space is at a premium. The fact that park benches, by definition, tend to be long and streamlined is good news for minimalists and modern design lovers who prefer less over more. As with all outdoor furniture, look for contemporary patio benches that complement the size of your outdoor space and the rest of your outdoor furnishings—whether via color, material, or overall style.

Can I use my contemporary outdoor bench for something other than seating?

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of contemporary outdoor benches is their versatility. Depending on the kind of garden bench that appeals to you, outside benches that double as storage are perfect solutions for outdoor spaces where small items—cushions, lanterns, planters—can be stored away when not in use or in the event of bad weather. Especially for tiny spaces, an outdoor storage bench is an excellent investment.

In addition, designer garden stools make great display features for plants, candles, and other outdoor décor, when not in use, but can be easily morph into extra seating for larger gatherings. So when, considering an outdoor patio bench for your terrace, deck, or patio, it's useful to think in terms of practicality and versatility, as well as style.