Modern Nursery Furniture Sets


What are Modern Nursery Furniture Sets?

Modern nursery furniture sets are cohesive pieces of furniture that fit together to craft a functional and beautiful sleeping and living space for your newborn. A modern nursery typically includes a crib, changing table, dresser, rocking chair, side table, and table lamp while other extras like modern baby bedding, modern kids rugs, and modern mobiles can be added as necessary to achieve the perfect look.

How Modern Baby Furniture Sets Can Accentuate Your Nursery Decor

Creating a calm, inviting, and functional nursery is easier than it sounds. With the proper blend of necessary furniture pieces and some cozy extras, you’ll be well on your way to welcoming your little one to their new home. No matter what size nursery you have there are a few basics that should always be present within the space. A crib provides your child a space to sleep and can adapt as your child grows over the years. A changing table is a multifunctional piece that not only provides a level spot to change diapers, but also can offer a multitude of storage options for clothing, accessories, and diapers. A changing table can be in place of or in addition to a dresser depending on the size of your nursery. Toy storage and other organization pieces keep your little one’s nursery clean and clutter-free, while a bookshelf provides a proper spot to store their favorite bedtime stories. Soft, ambient lighting is ideal for creating a cozy mood within your child’s nursery. This can come from a pendant, chandelier, or flush mount, and accented by floor lamps, table lamps, and string lights. Lastly, a cozy rocking chair or glider provides a comfortable spot for mom or dad to sit while rocking their baby to sleep. A balanced space with all of these pieces will create a welcoming and well-appointed atmosphere that matches the rest of your home while ensuring your little one is comfortable and safe, while making life as easy as possible for yourself.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Nursery Furniture Sets

When thinking about purchasing a modern nursery furniture set, you want to make the decision on material, finish, and style of your furniture. A natural wood crib may look great in a coastal or mid-century modern-style nursery, while a clear acrylic version brings a high-fashion moment to a contemporary design scheme. Plush lounge chairs are a must, with some wrapped in eco-friendly performance fabric for all those potential spills and others outfitted with USB ports for charging while resting. At 2Modern, we offer a wide range of cribs, dressers, nightstands, toy storage, and other nursery necessities to build the perfect nursery at a variety of price points and styles.

Modern Nursery Furniture FAQs

  • How to Choose Nursery Furniture?

Ideally you want to have your nursery set up early enough that you don’t have to risk going without it, but not too soon that you feel like you’re waiting around for the baby to arrive. Start making decisions early on about what furniture you want in the nursery, and deciding what type of furniture will work best for you and your growing family. Determine how much space you have, what will fit in that space, and the budget for what you would like to spend. Decide what the design aesthetic will be (let's be honest, this is more for the parents than the kids!), start with the crib as that is the most important piece, and fill in around that. Opting for adaptable pieces that grow with your child is a great way to save on costs, but to also make it easier to switch up the space from nursery to bedroom when the time comes.

  • What Baby Furniture Do I need?

While there are no set requirements for what furniture should be in a nursery, there are a few essentials that always make the list. For a well equipped nursery that is both comfortable and functional you will want a crib, crib mattress and sheets, changing table/dresser, cozy chair to rock your baby to sleep, a side table to hold a table lamp or baby bottles, and any decor like plants, mobiles, wall art and more to make the space your own.