Modern Mirrors

Top 20 Modern Mirrors

A beautiful mirror is impossible to ignore, visually expanding a space while adding decorative panache to a design scheme. Our favorite modern mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, with good looks and versatility to spare. Nordic beauties, playful designs, and artful compositions make our Top 20 Modern Mirrors list—truly the fairest of them all.

18 Dining Room Mirror Ideas For Dynamic Entertaining

An essential finishing touch for any well-appointed dining room, wall mirrors add a hint of charm, sparkle, and character to your home. Designed to reflect light and visually increase the openness of your space, mirrors instantly brighten up your room and ensure it is effortlessly elevated.

Mirrors are Meant for Opening Space and Reflecting Light in Your Well-Appointed Home

Mirrors are staples of domestic interiors, and modern mirrors are an easy way to add contemporary style to any space. Because mirrors are always useful and often practical, there's no reason to settle for an ordinary mirror that doesn't add to the overall ambience of your home. While there are no rules for selecting contemporary mirrors, a few guidelines can help you select the perfect modern mirror for any room in the house.

Make Modern Mirrors Count

It's hard to pass by a mirror and not turn and look. So why not make the most of that built-in advantage? When selecting a contemporary mirror for any room, go the extra mile and make it really count, both practically and decoratively. This doesn't mean buying the showiest, most expensive modern wall mirror or freestanding floor-length mirror, but it does mean thinking carefully about how the space that the mirror will take up can best be maximized.

Be practical with decorative contemporary mirrors. Mirrors can be highly decorative or ornamental, of course, but even designer mirrors are useful objects at the core, and not maximizing that component is silly. Even if you choose modern mirrors primarily for their decorative value, make sure that even the most decorative contemporary mirrors have practical applications. A mirror that is hung too high or too low to be useful might look pretty, but misses a fundamental practical opportunity as well. A particularly strikingly decorative modern mirror that's hung over a bathroom sink fulfills a dual role of being a modern décor accent that's also entirely useful.

Bigger isn't Always Better with Modern Mirrors

There are many advantages to installing large mirrors in a room, not the least of which is that oversized mirrors can create the illusion of space—something that can be particularly valuable when a room is especially small. And floor-length mirrors are always visually dramatic, whether in bedroom or living room.But going bigger isn't the only way to take advantage of modern wall mirrors. A beautifully crafted, artfully designed modern mirror that's small in scale can add great value to a room's design with both beauty and imaginative placement. A small contemporary mirror in the entry of a house or apartment, for instance, may be practical for that one final look before leaving the house, but, if chosen carefully, can be just as dramatic as a larger scale designer mirror.

Think Beyond Square and Round Contemporary Mirrors

The clean profiles of square and rectangular mirrors are difficult for any modern design enthusiast to resist, but don't be afraid to move beyond conventional geometric modern mirrors. Ovals, triangles, and even asymmetric shapes can bring unexpected panache to a contemporary room, so when you're shopping for a modern mirror, think beyond squares, rectangles and circles.

Modern Mirrors FAQs

  • Are Mirrors Still in Style?

Modern mirrors will always be in style as they are suitable for any living space and provide both a functional use and decorative aesthetic. They reflect light, add shine, visually expand a space, add a decorative touch to any interior and create a stylish final touch to make a space feel complete. Here at 2Modern, we have a wide range of wall, floor, and tabletop mirrors in different colors, shapes, materials, and style to suit your needs. Favorite mirror brands include Arteriors, Umbra Shift, Menu, Kartell, Ferm Living and more. Perfect for your bedroom, dining room, living room, or entryway, modern mirrors are an effortless accent piece that pack a powerful punch of style. 

  • How to Decorate Around a Mirror?

There are several great ways to create a decorative statement around a mirror. Place above a fireplace mantle to create a feeling of openness and brightness then accent with sleek tealight candleholders, short vases of flowers, or sprigs of greenery for a fresh and welcoming dining room display. You can also create an eclectic gallery wall in a living room or bedroom with a vintage-style or contemporary mirror balanced with framed photos, favorite artwork, and chic wall decor. For a welcoming entryway vignette, pair a mirror with a console table and cozy seating to great friends and family as they enter your home while making for the perfect spot to check your ensemble as you head out the door.

  • Where Should You Not Put Mirrors in Your House?

While mirrors can easily find a home in any room of your house, there are several places a mirror does not belong. 

  1. Do not hang a mirror above or opposite a bed. On a practical level, hanging a mirror above your bed doesn’t make sense, but according to feng shui experts, mirrors directly above or across from your bed can disrupt calm, peaceful feelings. 
  2. Do not hang a mirror in the kitchen. Typically not a popular spot for mirrors in the first place, it's impractical to have a space that can get steamy and smokey. No one needs to be constantly cleaning splatters off of a mirror!
  3. Do not hang directly across from clutter. You want your mirror to reflect light and positive energy, not piles of trash, mail, clothing, or toys. For example, no need to install a mirror right across from a laundry room or “dump zone” where coats, shoes, and accessories tend to build up. 
  4. Do not hang directly across from your front door. Once again, according to the rules of feng shui, hanging a mirror right across from your front door causes good energy to bounce back outside every time someone enters. A mirror on a perpendicular wall is just fine for catching light and brightening up your interior.