18 Dining Room Mirror Ideas For Dynamic Entertaining

An essential finishing touch for any well-appointed dining room, wall mirrors add a hint of charm, sparkle, and character to your home. Designed to reflect light and visually increase the openness of your space, mirrors instantly brighten up your room and ensure it is effortlessly elevated. We've put together our top 20 picks for dining room mirrors that are ready to bring show-stopping style and supreme functionality to your modern abode.

Demasco Mirror
Framed with graceful embellishments like those of an Oriental rug, the Damasco mirror is the ideal accessory to bring decorative accentuation to your favorite Contemporary or Boho-chic style dining arrangement with well-appointed flair.
Olympia Mirror
Perfect for an Art Deco-inspired dining room, this mirror features a delicately undulating frame in antique brass to bring a luxe touch and textural beauty to your wall. Pair with brass-finished sconces and chandelier overhead for a cohesive look sure to impress.
All Saints Metallic Mirror
From the masters of plastic themselves, the All Saints Metallic Mirror is playful and textural with its unique pleated effect and still offers that transparent design we’ve come to love even with a metallic finish. Great for minimalist, contemporary, and even eccentric spaces, this versatile design can do it all.
Only Me Mirror
A stunning piece of functional decor, the Only Me Mirror features a slim, batch-dyed PMMA frame that brings contemporary flair and subtle sophistication to your dining space. Available in square and rectangle designs, this mirror can be installed above a mantle for a touch of charm or help to visually increase space in a small room or large dining room with limited windows.
Janey Round Mirror
Displaying a mix of natural iron and polished brass finishes, this transitional design finds itself at home in mid-century, contemporary, and even farmhouse-inspired dining spaces. Hang above a fireplace mantle or serving area sideboard to literally round out your well-appointed home.
Andes Mirror
Brimming with natural elegance and organic appeal, the Andes Mirror showcases a visually dynamic design thanks to the woven natural and black-finished rattan frame, perfect for rustic, coastal, and farmhouse dining rooms and spaces. A large scale design ready to make an impact, this mirror offers a fabulous blend of texture and sophistication.
Twinkle in My Eye Mirror
The perfect piece for a dining room with limited or no windows, this mirror brings ample reflection, especially when mounted in pairs to offer simple elegance and classic form. Frameless, with a beveled edge and etched star detailing, this mirror offers timeless appeal in contemporary, luxury, and casual dining spaces alike.
Howard Mirror
Showcasing a rustic wood frame elevated with a rich tobacco finish, the Howard Mirror finds itself effortlessly accenting a contemporary-designed or coastal dining space. With a 40” diameter, this mirror is ideal for larger dining areas to reflect natural light and brighten up your space.
IOI Wall Mirror
Crafted in Italy and offering subtle Art Deco-inspired accents, the IOI mirror gets its name from the shape of these accents that frame the mirror ever-so-slightly. A simple design ready to stand the test of time, this mirror is perfect for smaller dining spaces or installed in pairs for larger rooms and homes.
Framed Mirror
A powder-coated steel frame encapsulating colored mirrored glass, the Framed mirror offers artistic expression and a re-interpretation of the classic mirror. Able to be mounted vertically or horizontally, this mirror is meant to be instal