Modern Outdoor Table Lamps

Top 20 Contemporary Table Lamps

Our favorite contemporary table lamps showcase some of the best modern lighting designs anywhere. Whether used as bedside lamp, task lamp, or entryway light, these designs make illuminating additions to almost any room and interior scheme.

Top 14 Modern Cordless Lamps

Who says the answer to nuanced outdoor lighting is a flickering candle or two? Easy to transport, energy efficient, and capable of holding a charge for hours on end, these modern portable lamps are summer's best bets—lighting up any outdoor space wirelessly.

Light up the night with an outdoor table lamp

Outdoor lamps are a terrific way to make decks, patios and terraces into true extensions of your home. Particularly during the warmer months, when outdoor entertaining is the norm, an outdoor lamp or two can add both practical lighting and enough ambience to turn an outdoor space into a warm, stylish area for dining, entertaining, or simply enjoying the evening hours. Should you decide to outfit your deck or patio with modern lighting, the variety of contemporary outdoor table lamps on the market today provides a number of beguiling options.

Why should I consider modern outdoor table lamps?

Outdoor table lamps offer a striking lighting option for the outdoors precisely because they're a more unusual choice. While sconces, lanterns and candles are common outdoor lighting options, outdoor lamps are a more novel idea, and bring their own particular flavor to an outdoor space. More than any other type of lighting, an outdoor table lamp replicates lighting that we associate with the indoors, so tends to make a patio or deck feel very much like an actual room, rather than an external space.

What's the best place for outdoor lamps?

The beauty of outdoor lamps is their versatility and portability. The wide range of outdoor lighting designs available today include table lamps that look like traditional outdoor lanterns, for instance, or ones that look just like indoor table lamps. So, depending on the specifics of your outdoor space and the parameters of your lighting needs, a modern outdoor lamp or a pair of lamps may be used to fully illuminate a sitting area with outdoor couch and coffee table—providing the exact function of indoor table lamps. A single lamp atop a buffet table or outdoor bar area may make pillar candles or conventional outdoor lanterns totally unnecessary. And battery-operated outdoor lamps, which can be charged and operational for hours at a time, are immensely portable, allowing you to move them from one location to another, as lighting needs dictate.

Are outdoor table lamps as stylish as other outdoor lighting?

Yes, table lamps for outdoor use are just as decorative and visually appealing as any patio lights, and that translates into an ordinary outdoor space being transformed into something special. Both functional and decorative, an outdoor lamp can be both an object of beauty and practical lighting—so count on your outdoor lamps to be every bit as stylish as any kind of modern lighting.

What else should I consider when selecting outdoor table lamps?

Don't be afraid to get creative, whether choosing a single outdoor lamp or several of them. With so many choices in outdoor patio lights available these days, there's no reason focus on practicality alone and settle for only one type of lighting. Depending on the size of your space, go ahead and mix it up with a contemporary table lamp as well as pillar candles, outdoor lanterns, and wall lights. Ideally, your patio, deck or terrace should be a true extension of your indoor spaces—both literally and esthetically—so there's no reason that imagination and inventiveness should be stymied by walls or doors.