Modern Flush Mount Lighting

7 Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Favorite Dining Space

Dining room lighting is designed to offer a blend of both form and function, bringing brightness and openness to a space, while imbuing it with distinct style and design that doesn’t overpower. We’ve put together a selection of our top lighting picks to anchor your favorite dining area in a variety of covet-worthy styles.

How to Light a Modern Dining Room

Dining rooms often serve many purposes beyond simply being a place for enjoying a meal. Because modern dining rooms may serve as informal gathering spaces, temporary home offices, and even recreation rooms, contemporary dining room lighting will need to be thoughtfully designed to meet a variety of needs.

Make a statement in your home with a modern flush mount

Statement lighting doesn't always mean being the center of attention. Modern flush mount lighting—ceiling lights that unobtrusively hug the ceiling or wall—can be every bit as dramatic as center-stage pendants, and comprise lighting solutions both innovative and visually striking. There are many reasons to choose modern flush mount lighting over other types of lighting models, and much of it depends on the particular features of a room or space. If you're interested in installing modern flush mount ceiling lights, the following factors may be helpful in choosing the optimal flush mount solution.

Where would I install a modern flush mount ceiling light?

As their name implies, flush mount ceiling lights are designed to reside directly on the ceiling, protruding, not dangling, from the ceiling surface, almost as if they were part of the ceiling itself. There are several advantages to installing this flush mount lighting, and they're both related to the specific dimensions and parameters of the room or space you want to illuminate. The first reason has to do with the height of the ceiling. If your room or space has a relatively low ceiling, installing a lighting fixture that hangs down from the ceiling may be undesirable and impractical. A modern flush mount lighting fixture can be particularly useful here, illuminating the space without calling attention to the low ceiling, as a hanging lighting fixture might.

Secondly, flush mount lights are excellent choices for areas where any other type of lighting is difficult to install. Hallways, for instance, where space is at a premium, but illumination is critical, are ideal spaces for modern flush mount ceiling lights. Bathrooms as well, where space is at a premium and more subtle lighting fixtures are more desirable, can benefit from a modern flush mount ceiling light or two. Ultimately, though, flush mount lighting can be installed anywhere in the house, limited only by personal preference and style.

What's the difference between a modern flush mount ceiling light and semi flush mount lights?

There's a slight difference between modern flush mount lighting and semi flush mount ceiling lights, but it's significant. Semi flush mount ceiling lights are, like standard flush mount lighting, reside close to the ceiling. But rather than being flush with the ceiling's surface, they hang just a bit below it, suspended via a short stem. From below, they may look identical to modern flush mount ceiling lights, but, in fact, have an air gap between ceiling and light. Think of a semi flush mount as a low-profile chandelier. It hangs suspended as a chandelier would, but not as far down. Semi flush mount ceiling lights are less ideal for low ceilings as are standard flush mount ceiling lights.

Can modern flush mount lighting be as beautiful as other types of lighting designs?

Absolutely. Flush mount lights are no longer meant to just fade into the woodwork. As with all lighting fixtures, contemporary designers have devoted a great deal of time and effort into creating modern flush mount lighting designs that are as visually striking as chandeliers and pendant lamps. If you think a modern flush mount ceiling light is the best option for your home, you'll find no shortage of stylish examples from which to choose.